photo courtesy of Governor Wes Moore

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – On May 16, 2023, Gov. Wes Moore officially signed a slew of legislation into law, including “Jaelynn’s Law,” which will go into effect on October 1st.

“Jaelynn’s Law,” which is technically known as S.B. 858, “alters a certain provision relating to the storage of firearms and ammunition in a location that can be accessed by an unsupervised child. This legislation requires the Deputy Secretary for Public Health Services to develop a youth suicide prevention and firearm safe storage guide, with recommendations from a stakeholder committee.”

This law comes after the tragic death of 16-year-old Jaelynn Willey of Great Mills High School on March 20, 2018, after Jaelynn was shot to death by a fellow student, who brought his father’s gun to school.

photo courtesy of Governor Wes Moore

“Today is about protecting the future and ensuring the education and safety of every Marylander—that’s what our administration is committed to,” Gov. Moore stated in a press release. “We signed legislation to keep our children fed, thriving, and learning with world class teachers in every classroom. We have also strengthened common sense gun laws that will help protect our communities across Maryland. This will be Maryland’s decade, and the best way to see that through is to invest in our children and the safety of our communities.”

In attendance for the signing of “Jaelynn’s Law,” was Melissa Willey, Jaeylynn’s mother. After signing the bill, Gov. Moore gave the ceremonial pen to Melissa.

Mother Of Jaelynn Willey Reacts To “Jaelynn’s Law” Being Officially Signed
photo courtesy of Governor Wes Moore

“The whole experience was very surreal. He seemed very kind and genuine,” Melissa told “It was actually the second time I met him. I spoke on Lawyers mall a few months ago and shared Jaelynn’s story. He was there as well but only for a moment. I appreciate him signing these laws into effect. If any of them save just one person that’s good. No one should have to deal with what we have had for the last five years…It’s pretty emotional to say my daughter has a law in her name.”

Mother Of Jaelynn Willey Reacts To “Jaelynn’s Law” Being Officially Signed
photo courtesy of Governor Wes Moore

Watch the bill signing ceremony below:

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    1. Yep. Also, he didn’t “bring a gun to school.” He didn’t even go to that school. He had already graduated.

  1. Hey governor simple: If this stuff was “common sense”, there would be no need of laws against them! All that needed to be done was to throw the person, who allowed his kid to get his gun, in jail for life! Punishing the rest of the people does very little to solve the problem!
    Remember this about this one term governor: MOORE IS LESS, our freedoms & rights here will diminish under him, and all Marylanders will pay dearly for the voting habits of dense democrats.

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