naval air station Patuxent river

TRAFFIC UPDATE – 2/10/22 – Pax Gates 2 and 3 Closure.

NAS Pax River Gates 2 and 3 will close at 9 a.m. Feb. 10 for incoming and outgoing traffic. Gates 2 and 3 will re-open from 3 p.m.-6p.m. for outgoing traffic only.

TRAFFIC UPDATE – 2/10/22 – Pax Gate 2 is OPEN.

NAS Pax River Gate 2 is OPEN for incoming and outgoing traffic Feb 10, 2022.

UPDATE – 2/9/22 – On Feb. 10, 2022, Gate 1 will remain OPEN 24/7. From 0600-0900, Gate 3 will be OPEN to accommodate morning rush only.

NAVAL AIR STATION PATUXENT RIVER, Md. – NAS Patuxent River is setting FPCON Charlie as part of the Citadel Shield-Solid Curtain 2022 (CS-SC 22) exercise. Pax River’s Gate 2,  Gate 3,  and WOLF are secured until further notice.  All traffic utilize gate 1.

Force Protection Condition (FPCON) Charlie applies when a terrorist or hostile act incident occurs within the commander’s area of interest or intelligence is received indicating a hostile act, some form of terrorist action or targeting DoD elements, personnel, or facilities.

The Navy’s annual Citadel Shield and Solid Curtain exercises are week-long training events. Because we “train like we fight,” FPCON changes during CS-SC aren’t simulated. Though CS-SC is not in response to any specific threat, any security measures that would be made in response to a specific real-world threat will be made during the exercise. Examples of this might be the requirement for 100% ID checks at all installation entry points, or the placement of additional barriers for traffic control.

Whether the change is made for exercise purposes or for a real-world threat, it’s important to understand what FPCON Charlie represents and to be patient with our police and military security team members who are responsible for keeping the installation safe.

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  1. Trying to leave the base after work at 3:30 p.m., it took 3 1\2 hours just to reach gate 1. That is not a reasonable delay for an exercise. You have no problem opening an additional gate in the morning though. Unacceptable. Won’t be returning to work until after the exercise. Smh

  2. All subcontractor and non-essential employee work should be suspended during these exercises. If there were medical emergency there’s no way they could be responded to in a timely manner due to the traffic. The traffic represents a safety issue..

  3. We train like we fight. This should also apply to base employees. So many complaints about being late to pick up kids, missing events, etc.
    Every service person will tell you, you weren’t issued kids in your sea bag. Every civilian blessed with the opportunity to work on base should understand this proposition as well.
    Make plans in advance. The base doesn’t work around your schedule.
    You chose to work on a military installation, that means you agree to give up certain amenities given folks in the general public in exchange for a rewarding job/career.

    1. The brain washing does work!
      If not for the civilians doing all the base upkeep and repairs. You would not a barrack to sleep in or a decent base house . Train like you Fight . Sleep in a tent with just a spork .

      1. And we thank the civvies for their part. But if they cant understand the importance of exercises like this, then why train? Why fight? So the ppl who “help” us can get pissed for getting to Starbucks late so now we can expect to have our living arrangements and creature comforts held over our heads as leverage whenever gates close for a WEEK?? Jeez….

    2. Mike, agreed! If dealing with traffic for a few days is the biggest complaint some need to reevaluate their priorities and career plans.

  4. I just saw the comment of “you weren’t issued kids in your sea bag” which is the perfect sign of bad leadership. The people that make these decisions usually bounce early or aren’t even around anyway. I know that for a fact. But that comment is the worst thing you could ever say to your Sailors, Marines or coworkers. Some predate that seabag! Remember that.

  5. Mike, agreed! If dealing with traffic is the largest concern them priorities and career choices need to be re-evaluated.

  6. your brain washing is complete and your on your way to being one of the many terrible leaders the military has to offer

  7. The train how we fight comes from training that is set to place the installation into the most realistic mindset and environment. That being said when Security initiates any FPCON changes whether it be for exercises or real life scenarios it should be expected that Security is doing their jobs (Safe guarding the installation). We adapt to the change and move on.

    How do you expect the base to fully exercise their plans without fully exercising it? If that means delays happen then so be it. Folks the threat is real! If we don’t train how we fight each and everyday we will never be ready. I would rather my family and friends are safe, in exchange for a delay at the gate. Furthermore this particular exercise CS/SC is an annual exercise done each year on every installation around the globe to test the installations capabilities. If you don’t understand this process I would advise you to talk to your work centers or counterparts to learn more so you can be better prepared in the event of a real life threat.

  8. If this were a true FPCON Charlie, the traffic backed up at the gate would be a soft target for terrorists.

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