A new program office created by the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD) is changing the way warfighters’ urgent and emergent needs are met.

Launched in November at the Naval Air Systems Command at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, the Rapid Response Program was created after a recent NAWCAD study indicated a need for a consolidated team to support the Integrated Warfighting Capability effort, which executes high-priority DoD needs.


“Before this office, our rapid capabilities existed in pockets throughout the command,” said Robert Smith, director for NAWCAD’s Rapid Response office. “With the goal of ‘speed to the fleet,’ we had to look at how we could respond to that and make it part of our everyday way of doing business.”

Dan Skane, NAWCAD director of Acquisition Management, said the Rapid Response program provides critical operational capabilities for time-sensitive operational needs.

“My focus is to help teams identify a streamlined approach that delivers a capability rapidly, while maintaining the same high-degree of acquisition management rigor found in more traditional programs,” Skane added.

One Rapid Response community has already made successful deliveries to meet warfighters’ requirements. The NAWCAD created