WALDORF, Md. – Jake Prater, owner of Invictus II Cigars, described the newest addition to Waldorf as a “sanctuary for virtuosos of fine cigars, premium whiskey, and cocktails.” 

On the 21st episode of The BayNet’s Podcast, “Get Real with Chris & Mark,” the hosts ‘Get Real’ with Prater on cigar culture, their competition, and customer experience.

During the episode, Prater spoke on how Invictus II Cigars caters to cigar culture by providing a comfortable place centered around smoking cigars paired with a favorite spirit and soothing music while embracing the lounge environment.

“It’s really a place where, if you’d had a long day at work, you can come there and relax for about an hour before you go home. Decompress and smoke a good cigar,” Prater described. 

As the third cigar lounge to open in Waldorf, Chris & Mark asked Prater how Invictus II Cigars sets itself apart from the competition. 

“I don’t think compete is the right word,” answered Prater, “We’re going to build our brand and our model, and we’re going to stick to that. If it is something that you like, you’ll be able to come back.” 

Prater said that consistency is his biggest goal for all customer experiences. 

Besides the cigar selection, Prater mentioned their smoked-old fashions also have people turning heads. 

“We are using wood chips between pecan and cherry. We have hickory. We have peach. We have about four or five more different flavors that we actually infuse the alcohol with,” Prater explained.

“When our waiters are doing that smoked-old fashion, and they put that smoke in there, and that smoke machine is going. They get that to the table, take that top off, and smoke comes out, and what happens is this, ‘oh, what is that? I want one of those,” Prater continued.  

While Invictus II Cigars is still in its soft opening phase, Prater mentioned on the podcast that they plan on holding a grand opening event this year. 

Follow their Facebook and Instagram pages for updates on Invictus II Cigar’s grand opening. 

Get the full scoop on cigar culture in this week’s episode: https://youtu.be/S7QX1eT5Re4


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Katie Callander

Writer, Photographer

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  1. This is awesome to hear Jake. We will definitely be planning to come . Let us know when the grand opening is planned.

  2. whoever is keeping track of county + state history, within the last 2 years is 1 for the history books. Did you notice that the price of a pack of cigarettes [yes, tobacco tax included] went up to past $10, it broke the 10$ barrier. Thats major. When did that happen? Where, which county? Especially since Port Tobacco is in Maryland.

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