ANNAPOLIS, Md. — The primary to decide the general election nominees in Maryland’s hyper-competitive gubernatorial election is just two and a half weeks away, and according to recent polls no candidate on either side has been able to claim the upper hand.

A new set of polls from Goucher College indicate a close race on both the Republican and Democratic tickets.

On the Democratic side, Comptroller Peter Franchot continues to lead the pack with 16%, followed by former U.S. and Maryland Labor Secretary Tom Perez and philanthropist and best-selling author Wes Moore, who currently sit at 14% each.

Meanwhile, on the Republican Side, State Delegate Dan Cox leads former Maryland Commerce and Labor Secretary Kelly Schulz by a slim margin of 25% to 22%.

A significant margin of voters remains undecided on both sides. Of those polled, 35% of Democrats and 44% of Republicans had not made up their mind on who to vote for.

In addition to this statistic, 63% of Democrats and 47% of Republicans have said they could change their minds in the primary.

Other upcoming statewide races include the races for State Comptroller and Attorney General.

Harford County Executive Barry Glassman is running unopposed in the Republican Primary for Comptroller. Meanwhile, State Delegate and attorney Brooke Lierman leads Bowie Mayor Tim Adams in the Democratic Primary by a margin of 28% to 14%, with over half of voters undecided.

In the Attorney General Democratic Primary, former District Judge and Maryland First Lady Katie O’Malley leads U.S. Representative Tony Brown by a margin of 30% to 29%, with over a third of voters undecided.

On the Republican side, Anne Arundel County Councilmember Michael Peroutka leads prosecutor and former Montgomery County Board of Elections Chairman Jim Shalleck, almost 70% of voters are undecided.

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  1. “The primary to decide the general election nominees in Maryland’s hyper-competitive gubernatorial election is just two and a half,”

    Two and a half what?

  2. Anyone with Donald Trump’s endorsement should be immediately disqualified in the mind of any actual American.

  3. eany meany miny moe trying to figure- out who to vote for with all of these sample ballot s floating- around. Meant for those who don’t do their homework — consider the source. All of these sample ballots are overwhelming + it looks like they’re for those that don’t do their homework. If you don’t know enough about a candidate to support them, consider leaving the office blank. Even if you have to put- in a blank ballot, its still voting.

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