No Injuries After Three Vehicle Collision On St. Andrews Church Road
No Injuries After Three Vehicle Collision On St. Andrews Church Road

CALIFORNIA Md. –  On October 26, at approximately 7:00 p.m., police, fire and rescue personnel responded to a motor vehicle accident on St. Andrews Church Road in the area of Wildewood Parkway.

Crews arrived and found three vehicles involved in the roadway

No injuries have been reported. Three care refusals signed on the scene.

No Injuries After Three Vehicle Collision On St. Andrews Church Road

Firefighters assisted with cleaning up fluids that leaked out of the vehicles.

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  1. People drive like nuts on St Andrews Rd, and many others. Speeding is rampant. Maybe the LEO’s should run a radar? Don’t believe this is safe for the Patrol LEO’s on this road, so how about the Sheriff and Leonardtown MSP Barrack’s Commander get a speed camera. There are many roads in the county this would be an effective way to increase safety. Patrol LEO’s would not be placed in a hazardous situation and speed laws would be effectively enforce. To all the naysayers. Don’t speed and you don’t get to pay the fine and points on your license.

  2. 3 stooges, probably all using their phones while driving. Thanks for helping my insurance company get richer due to your selfish idiocy!

  3. So every other day in st Mary’s county there is an accident and why ?Pills or marijuana?I know that 30 percent of the tricounty are cannot cop with there daily tasks without weed or a vape pen😋 this is a learning issue they learned in high school their parents would not do dr drugs so every day all these people smoke weed and drugs to get them thru life and marriage and jobs,the future of auto crashes will double in st Mary’s county it’s true,why?, because md will legalize it what do the police do when they stare in the driver who caused the accident?i guess the Sheriff says wow how do you get insurance?people when pot is legalized watch out for the camrys and Honda’s it’s coming more carnage

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