Officers Thanked For Safely Removing Cows From Roadway

HELEN, Md. – The St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office received an online thank you note on Wednesday for assisting two wayward cows from the roadway on Route 5 in Helen early on the morning of May 11. 

Ronna and her calf Big Mac

From Margie Stone via Facebook:

“A big shoutout to the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s and Maryland State Police officers for helping to keep our cow safe until we could get to her at 3:30 this morning.

Momma and calf are both safe back in the pasture with the rest of the herd. Apparently the calf went through the fence on the main road and momma went after him.

The calf went back through the fence but I had to walk her down the main road back to the farm road and to the barn.

To everyone who was involved, thank you for your help.

The Earnshaw Farm and TXM Cattle, LLC” 

The cows back on the farm

Sheriff’s Office Deputies DFC Thomas Snyder, Deputy Nicholas Hill and Maryland State Troopers were glad to assist. 

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  1. Now if they could just get the criminals off the street that easy! Just saying. Of course there are alot more of “them”!

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