To the Editor:

Pretty exciting! Got a tax cut approved by the Senate, 47-0. Tax cuts are possible if you put some work into it.

There are over 200 airports in Maryland, with 2,800 private airplanes flown by 6,700 pilots, over 800,000 times a year…but there are only 26 shops that can fix planes. That’s because airplane parts have zero sales tax in Delaware, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Virginia is looking to exempt them, too. Delaware is only a 10 minute trip from Salisbury. Would you drive 10 minutes to get a 5 percent discount?

This tax cut may grow or keep some jobs at St. Mary’s Airport.

The bill (SB 159: Tax Cut – Aircraft Parts and Equipment Sales) would reduce the costs of aviation material, parts and equipment to aircraft owners and operators, particularly small businesses involved in the repair and maintenance of aircraft.  SB 159 exempts from the state sales and use tax the sale of materials, parts and equipment.  The tax applies to materials, parts or equipment used to repair, maintain, or upgrade aircraft or the avionics systems of aircraft if installed on the aircraft in Maryland.

Senator Steven Waugh [R – District 29]