SOLOMONS, Md. – On April 2, 2022, Calvert High School alumni from the classes of 1990 to 1999 came together for one big reunion, held at the Solomons Inn Hotel. Over 300 guests came out for a great evening of food, drinks, and catching up.

Class of 1995 alumni Angie Hill was the main driving force behind the reunion idea. She, along with the rest of the committee which included, Sandy Rogers (’95), Kari Pompilli (’95), Woody Parker (’93), Tami Lawyer (’96), Jonna Jones (’91), Randi Parker Niles (’97), Heather Wilson (’95), Melissa Phelps (’94), Heather Scott (’92), and Katina Johnson (’90) worked for over two years to get the event together. They originally had a date scheduled in 2020. 

However, due to covid, that had to be postponed. 

“I can’t even explain how I felt seeing it all come together. When I walked out to the registration table and saw that long line of people, all dressed up, smiling, laughing, and talking to the people in front or behind them… that’s when I knew it was going to be a great night,” Angie Hill told “There was not an individual favorite moment of the evening for me, it was one big favorite moment. A night I will never forget. My heart is full from all the love and fun that filled The Chesapeake Ballroom Saturday night.”

Several sponsors helped make the event possible, including Burley Financial Group, LLC, Chesapeake Marketplace and Auction House, Poe Law, LLC, The Brune Team w/Direct Mortgage Loans, Pure Romance, Exit Realty, and Imadi’s Swag Salon, Design your Existence, Sew What’s Next 4 U, and RE/MAX.

The event had a lot of amazing food and drinks, along with music from two deejays, MK Skillz of Sinister Soundset (Micheal Franzen, ’95) and DJ Ragz of the World Famous Jazz Addixx.

“It looks like we are considering doing another event in the future, it’s been requested. But I think we’ll need a larger venue next time,” Hill said.

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  1. great! Why aren’t there workplace reunions? You worked there from hmmm 1990 – 2000, somewhere in there? You’d have to include all of them, those that quit, those that retired, those that got fired. Why not have workplace reunions? somebody, please ….is it unprofessional not to have workplace reunions?

  2. were there polls taken? how many of us are married once, twice, 3 times? how many are divorced once, twice, three times? stuff like that

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