Prince Frederick, MD –Thomas Stone and Patuxent high schools’ swim teams went head-to-head Friday, Jan. 16 at what turned out to be an unusual meet.

Typically a swim meet has 24 events with each race being swum by boys and girls separately.  For this meet officials opted to combine several of the races because both schools had small teams and they wanted to avoid wasted time.

“This meet in particular we were up against another small team,” said senior Chris Kahl, Patuxent captain. “The events came quick but we still managed to swim fast.”

Kahl has held the Patuxent swimming records since his freshman year in 2011. He has recently committed to the Merchant Marine Academy for swimming.

“We’re doing a good job so far this year. As a team everybody is doing their best at practice and trying their hardest at meets,” said Kahl. “Our numbers are low this year but we are still managing to do well despite that fact.”

Patuxent swept the meet winning both boys and girls by over 100 points.

“For the season in general with us having a small team, looking forward it’s not about winning meets it’s about having fun and dropping time,” said junior Corey Hart, Thomas Stone captain. “It’s more important for the swimmers to drop time rather than win a meet. As long as we are improving it’s a successful season.”

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