Petition Created To Name Dead Rise Summer Ale Maryland’s First Official State Beer
Petition Created To Name Dead Rise Summer Ale Maryland’s First Official State Beer

FREDERICK, Md. – Each Spring, as buds return to tree limbs and birds can be heard happily chirping, thirsty Marylanders line the streets to their local liquor stores, beating their stock pots like drums, waiting for the seasonal release of Flying Dog Brewery’s Dead Rise Summer Ale, once named “the most Maryland beer ever!”

Dead Rise isn’t your average summer brew. This one-of-a-kind beer blends Maryland’s most iconic seasoning, McCormick’s OLD BAY, with a refreshing lemony tartness for a beer low in bitterness and high in flavor. In addition to tasting great with crabs, Dead Rise also supports the crabbing industry by donating a portion of proceeds to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources’ True Blue Program, an annual campaign aimed at raising awareness for the struggling industry. The True Blue Program highlights and rewards those restaurants who make it a point to serve local, Maryland harvested crab.

But Dead Rise isn’t just super delicious, it’s also super rare. Flying Dog is the exclusive craft beer partner with McCormick & Company, making it the only brewery officially allowed to use the seasoning in their products. With these rights, Flying Dog developed a beer that quickly earned its spot right alongside that infamous blue, yellow, and red tin that every Maryland has close by in their spice rack, on their table, or clipped to their belt.

It’s no secret that Marylanders have an intense love for OLD BAY and are pretty much obsessed with the state on a borderline fanatical level. Since Dead Rise is Maryland’s most Maryland beer made with Maryland’s most Maryland spice from Maryland’s most Maryland brewery and supports Maryland’s most Maryland shellfish through the True Blue Program, Flying Dog wants to make the beer official.

For the 2022 release of Dead Rise, Flying Dog is rallying its fans to petition Governor Hogan’s office to declare Dead Rise the official beer of the State of Maryland. The brewery believes Dead Rise, which pays homage to the history of Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay and summer crab culture while also supporting the local industry, deserves to be recognized and created a petition through (website) to capture the signatures of those who agree. Anyone who would like to support these efforts can add their name to the petition by clicking here:

“For the last 8 years, this is the beer that Marylanders use to kick-off the start of summer,” said Ben Savage, Chief Marketing Officer at Flying Dog Brewery. “OLD BAY is in our blood, and Dead Rise is in our glass. Let’s get loud enough that Governor’s Hogan office hears us and elevates Dead Rise to the level of the Oriole and Black-Eyed Susan where it belongs. If milk is named as an official drink of the state, surely Dead Rise should be too, tastes way better.”

Originally released in 2014 to celebrate OLD BAY’S 75th anniversary, Dead Rise was dreamt up by a Flying Dog brewer with a deep devotion to their favorite state, seafood and seasoning. The 5.7% ABV beer finishes dry and snappy, with hints of salt and lemon, perfect for pairing with any seafood you can pull out of the Chesapeake.

Eight years after its creation, Flying Dog is continuing to experiment and evolve the beer style and its packaging. After experimenting with a gose for the past few years, the original – but improved – Summer Ale style is back by popular demand. Made with even more OLD BAY than before, 2022’s Dead Rise highlights the bold spiciness of Maryland’s most beloved culinary staple while citrus notes help brighten up the beer and help flavors pop.

New in 2022 is the creation of an exciting extension of the brand – Double Dead Rise, an imperial version of the Summer Ale featuring (more than) twice the spice and nearly twice the ABV at 9%. This summertime specialty was once piloted as a tasting room only release in 2015 – where Flying Dog sold through 20 kegs in 48 hours – but is being offered in retail for the first time ever.

Double Dead Rise will be available starting mid-May in MD, DC and VA in 4-packs of 12oz bottles. Dead Rise will be available at the same time, in 6-packs of 12oz bottles in the mid-Atlantic states that carry Flying Dog products. Consumers are encouraged to visit the brewery’s Beer Finder to locate inventory in their area:

About Flying Dog Brewery:
As one of the fastest-growing regional craft breweries in the United States, Flying Dog has been brewing world-class beer that pushes the confines of traditional styles for 30 years. Flying Dog attracts everyone from craft beer connoisseurs to those just catching the wave with up to 20 styles available at any given time. Introduced to Flying Dog by the Gonzo writer Hunter S. Thompson, artist Ralph Steadman has produced original art for Flying Dog’s labels since 1995. Recent accolades for Flying Dog include its Pale Ale ranked as the #1 American Pale Ale in the U.S. by The New York Times. For more information, visit Flying Dog is now available on Drizly. 

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  1. Please, Natty Boh should be the state beer, not some crappy ale with celery salt, the main ingredient in Old Bay.

  2. Sounds like an ok idea….but I’d want to sample it before I put my name on the petition. Anyone know where I can but some. Anyone want to leave me a review of what it taste like? Good or Bad?

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