Terrance Kenneth Yancey
Terrance Kenneth Yancey

UPDATE On July 22: Terrance Kenneth Yancey, a 22-year-old from Washington D.C., was recently charged for his involvement in the murder that took place in Dunkirk last month.

The 11-count indictment includes charges for felony murder, first-degree assault, second-degree assault, felony use of a firearm, and several reckless endangerment counts.

Yancey allegedly waited for the victim, the 20-year-old Tyree Richardson of Prince George’s County, to enter the bedroom of his 20-year-old ex-girlfriend. Yancey would fire multiple rounds into Richardson and flee the residence immediately after.

EMS and police would arrive soon after, where they would pronounce Richardson as deceased.

Yancey was located approximately a day later near Town Center Boulevard.

Yancey currently has a pre-trial hearing scheduled for August 26th at the Calvert County Circuit Courthouse. A preliminary trial date has been tentatively set for early December of 2022.

See the full list of charges currently pending against Yancey below:

UPDATE June 16: On Monday, June 13, 2022, shortly after 3:30 a.m., Calvert County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a residence in the 3900 block of Lakeside Court in Dunkirk, MD for the report of a shooting.  Upon arrival, officers located an adult male suffering from fatal gunshot wounds. The victim, Tyree Tashawn Richardson, age 20 of Glenn Dale, MD, was pronounced deceased on the scene.  

Preliminary investigation revealed Richardson arrived at the residence and proceeded to a bedroom where suspect, Terrance Kenneth Yancey, 22 of Washington D.C., was lying in wait. Yancy fired multiple rounds striking Richardson multiple times. Yancey fled the residence on foot. 

Deputies canvassed the area and utilized a K-9 track which ultimately led to the suspect’s apprehension in a wooded area near the 10800 block of Town Center Blvd. in Dunkirk, MD. Yancey was placed into custody at 2:43 a.m. on June 14, 2022.  

Yancey has been charged with 2nd Degree Murder, 1st Degree Assault, 2nd Degree Assault, and Use of a Firearm in the Commission of a Felony and is being held on a no bond status. 

This investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information in regards to this case, is asked to please contact Det. Joshua Buck at Joshua.buck@calvertcountymd.gov or (410) 535-2800 ext. 2765. 

Sheriff Mike Evans would like to thank the multiple agencies that aided in the search including the Anne Arundel County Police Department, Prince George’s County Police Department, St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office, Maryland State Police / MSP Aviation Division, and the citizens of Calvert County. 

UPDATE June 14 at 4:00 a.m.: Calvert County Sheriff’s Deputies have apprehended murder suspect Terrance Kenneth Yancey, age 22, wanted in connection with the homicide that occurred on Monday, June 13 in Dunkirk, MD.

UPDATE June 13 at 2:50 p.m.: There will be continuing police activity for the next several hours in the area of Lyons Creek in Dunkirk, MD. There is an active warrant for homicide suspect, Terrance Kenneth Yancey. The suspect is still at large; but is believed to have fled Calvert County.

There is no immediate danger to the citizens of The Shores of Calvert. The investigation is ongoing.

UPDATE June 13 at 10 a.m.: Ongoing police activity in the Lyons Creek subdivision in Dunkirk.

There is no immediate threat at this time. Please report anyone or anything suspicious to the Sheriff’s Office at (410) 535-2800 or call 911.

DUNKIRK, Md. – Deputies are conducting a homicide investigation in the area of Lyons Creek Road in Dunkirk. We are actively conducting a search for suspect, Terrance Kenneth Yancey, black male, age 22 . Suspect is considered armed and dangerous. If anyone sees suspect, call 911.

Police Activity in the area of Rivershore Dr/Overlook Ct and surrounding areas in Dunkirk. All residents are advised to stay inside your residence.

Continue to follow for updates.

Contact our news desk at news@thebaynet.com

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  1. Been nice knowing you Calvert. I was even thinking of moving there but why leave one PG County for another up & coming one?

    1. Hey CC –

      Yep. Seems like everywhere that has something going on that’s halfway decent, here come the dregs of society.

        1. You mean it started with Obozo and continued with that other clown Biden. Dumbocrats love there violence and letting thugs out of jail!

        2. Martin Carroll; We all know that your CHOICE OF blindness prevents you from being in touch with the truth but at least comment on the article at hand instead of posting your lies and ignorance here.
          Everyone knows that America was very united after 9-11. After Bush 2, an illegal alien came into power because of mindless drones like you and the racial & party divide worsened.
          In case you care to learn some truth, you might want to just LOOK at: The prices of food here, our open southern border, gas prices, Russia, N. Korea & China arming up, the Afghanistan fiasco and all of the racial crimes being committed.
          If you can’t see that NONE of that happened under President Trump, then you might as well sit out this forum since you’re seriously misinformed and not qualified to comment here.

          1. The invasion of Iraq destroyed the unity after 9-11 and the positive global response to the US. Obama became President because NO Republican was going to win in 2008. The Tea Party, Limbaugh, Fox News and racists like you widened the divide in this country. Trump was the worst US President of the modern era.

        3. It did not start with President Trump!
          Many people would have made another choice when he announced he was running for office and I certainly was one who thought it was a joke! However, I’m also one who actually LOOKS INTO those running for office. While doing that, I discovered that he has ALWAYS loved America and was one of the first to notice that it was being sold out to foriegn countries decades ago, which is still going on! You can look back and find all this info out by looking at his old interviews (they’re not hard to find).
          Oprah interviewed him in the 80’s and asked him outright if he would run for the presidency. His answer was that he really didn’t WANT to but would consider it if he HAD to!
          Think about the life he had before that announcement to run. He didn’t have a care in the world and every single crooked politician has been trying to destroy him AND his family ever since.
          Look where we are now!!!! You can’t blame one BIT of it on him! He really did put America first and that SWAMP in D.C. along with some world leaders hate him because of it! You cannot tell me that you think we’re better off now that he’s gone. He’s not the one who’s been handing out welfare checks to able workers, cancelling student debt, dealing with countries who scream “Death to America”, cut off our oil independence, and threw our borders away. You might find it hard to find a safe place to life after this president and his handlers are out of power.
          I sincerely wish you would rethink your options.
          Please, just look things up instead of following the herd. I can no longer keep my mouth (or fingers) silent when I see a comment like yours. Hope you’re enjoying all of the shortages, and HIGH prices we’re experiencing today….BIDEN did it.

          1. I’ve read a lot of really uniformed posts on here…yours might just take the prize.

    2. PG county let the suspect out after being charged with multiple loaded handgun crimes on 3/08/2022 and the suspect is a resident of DC

      1. Doesn’t matter where a person is from , a crime is a crime that can happen anywhere. St.Mary’s are letting child rapist out everyday , just check baynet. One just got arrested again after 3 months.

      2. St. Mary’s let a child rapist out just to get arrest again this week after 3 months so don’t act like this is a pg problem or because he is from DC

    3. Oh I certainly hope not. It can’t possibly go the way of Charles County?! Dunkirk is amazing.

      1. The information is kind of limited. These guys were from DC and PG co.(🤮). Who were they visiting or whose home did this occur. What is the story and reasoning being in Dunkirk? Dunkirk is so nice, I’m pretty surprised.

    1. It’s a shame to hear that because we DO still have the power to change Calvert with our votes….hopefully.
      But, having said that, my suggestion to you would be to go now if you’re planning on going.
      My husband and I had the same thought years ago but didn’t make the move. Now, we’re both in our mid seventies and not able to accomplish such a move. Also, we are not willing to start over in another state when our living relatives are all still here.
      Every place has it’s issues and it’s getting worse all over the country thanks to rotten politicians and people abusing power.
      I wish you luck.

    2. I left, never looked back, high crime rates, extremely high cost of living with low paying jobs, I left and never went back, other than to visit my relatives that haven’t left yet

  2. It’s spreading everywhere in America fast. These people have been taught that everyone else is to blame for their problems. No responsibility for their own actions, no regard of others.

      1. You, Archie, No Clue, everyone one of you in this thread who is pissing and moaning. Don’t believe me? Just go read your own posts.

        1. Another hypocritical comment from our good friend, why don’t you tell the people of southern Maryland how you feel about the children of the Texas incident that occurred a couple of weeks ago? Better yet allow me to do that honor

  3. I love how people blame trump for everything and not the DAs letting these criminals out on bail. Do your research people and stop blaming a president who isn’t even in office.

    1. I agree it’s the legal system that isn’t going harder on these criminals. But those who say they want to leave md the problem is there is things like this everywhere in our country. The worse part is that almost all of these recent shootings and murders are being done by young people from 16-24 which is so sad thar they are throwing away their lives. Idk what has changed with how this generation is being raised or what is going on in their social circles but something needs to change back to how things were in the past like back when you didn’t need to worry if you doors weren’t locked. We should not have to worry about being shot driving down the road or sitting in your houses smh. Once these people are caught they need to be made an example out of and throw the book at them not let them back out a couple weeks or months later just to do it again. Plus when these kids go into jail they are just learning how to be bigger criminals then they already are trust me I’ve been in jail for child support and dui and I learned things I never knew about but wasn’t about to go back cuz I didn’t like it but others don’t mind it which depends on where you get locked up at they say prison is a lot easier and more freedom then jail which is so sad.

  4. I would really like to hear the story. Random shooting, I doubt it. Drug related, probably. Family issue, very possible. Information is lacking. Do we really know what’s going on in our neighborhoods?

  5. Hello Southern Maryland

    Let me tell you a fact about our good friend big dog eats first

    You may know this person by all the trolling this person does on the site, as a matter of fact I think he/she spends most of their pathetic life on cnn and here
    But anyway do you all know what our good friend said about the recent tragedy in Texas that occurred a couple of weeks ago? He said that the children’s lives did not matter and that lowering the American flag at half mast was a waste of time and resources! That’s right big dog eats first said that on here on that article! It was removed but not before I took a screen picture of it and posted it all over social media.
    The funny thing about this is he/she seems so involved with this article yet expressed such a terrible remark to the article regarding what happened in Texas
    I just thought everyone should know about this troll and what they are posting on the site! Hopefully someone will find out who this person truly is, I know exactly what they are and that is a absolute coward
    Spread the word Southern Maryland! I am, and have the picture of the comments if anyone would like to see them

    1. You clearly did not read what I posted and, as usual, you have completely misrepresented what I said. None of this comes as any surprise. You have also failed to mention any actions this country has taken to reduce the potential for this to happen again in the future. You can’t list any because there have been none.

      1. I clearly did not read what you posted? 😂 I printed it out and posted it in public, what part of that did you not understand? I’ve read it along with most of southern Maryland! Would you like me to print you a personal copy of it?

  6. Another 22 year old whose his life is over. He thought: If I can’t have her, nobody can! Now everybody in jail is going to have him…

  7. Hey, look at the bright side. Two off the streets at once. One becomes worm food; the other takes a long vacation (preferably a dirt nap) at the hands of the tax-paying, decent people. Dozens of illegitimate children on welfare avoided. What’s not to like?

  8. How come you guys didn’t make all these type of comments when that white guy killed that woman in Whiteland a few weeks ago? I wonder..

    1. 15 percent of the population is responsible for 55 percent of crime, let that sink in, that’s why

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