GREAT MILLS, Md.– Sheila Milburn, a 58-year-old United States Navy civilian, is exploring her passion for the health and well-being of the people and natural resources of St. Mary’s County by entering the political arena. 

For those reasons, Milburn is running against Eric Colvin for County Commissioner of District 1. 

However, she says her experience as a former program analyst for the Navy sets her apart from her competition.

“I feel I have the skill set to bring about positive change on the Board and within county Government,” Milburn said. “I have an extensive background, over 35 years, in the Department of Defense Acquisition to include budget formulation and execution, should cost analysis, contract administration, 24+ years as a licensed Realtor, and countless hours of community service.”

Because of her experience with the Navy, Milburn believes deeply in proactive leadership. She hopes to bring this leadership style to St.Mary’s county, so St. Mary’s County’s first responders can work collaboratively with the Sheriff’s Department to eradicate crime.

“I am seeking the position of County Commissioner because I believe the county needs pro-active leadership that includes collaboration with other government entities and that will listen to its citizens,” Milburn explained.

Not only does Milburn have a unique skill set for the position, Milburn cares deeply about St. Mary’s county because she has deep roots in the county. Milburn was born and raised in Leonardtown. She attended St. Mary’s County public schools graduating from Leonardtown High in 1982. 

“I have a great love for my community and its residents, and I understand the need for managed growth while maintaining our rural character and heritage,” Milburn said.

Additionally, Sheila’s community service includes as a Certified Lay Servant of Zion UM Church and the Associate Matron of Fidelity Chapter #60 of the Order of Eastern Star. 

She is a Food Distribution Volunteer and an Elder Caregiver for senior family members. She serves on the United Methodist Church, and Washington East District Boards.

Two key issues for her campaign are affordable housing and mental health. The county lacks suitable homes for all levels of the community, she said. This hinders the ability of organizations to recruit and keep employees. 

She is not looking to get people into Section 8 subsidized rentals, but to buy homes, she argued.

She further explained that affordable housing ties in with the mental aspect of the county. The housing shortage, job loss, COVID Lockdown, and crime are all weighing heavily on the minds of citizens, and we lack the resources and/or a facility to fully address the problems, she said.

If elected, Milburn said she plans to hold BOCC meetings at times that will allow more citizens to participate virtually or in person and increase the number of public forums to encourage citizens to communicate often with their elected officials. She also plans to review the standards used for the upkeep and maintenance of blighted properties, she said.

Although Milburn is exploring her passion, she has not taken this position lightly. She believes listening to the public is the easiest part, but she expects to face hurdles in understanding the state budget process and how it affects the county process to make sound fact-based decisions.

“I did not make this decision lightly. I do believe that my life experiences on the job, in church, and as I volunteer have prepared me for a seat on the Commissioner Board,” Milburn said.

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      1. Nobody “gets rich off them tax dollars” as a commissioner and she will use her platform to help navigate the issues the St. Mary’s faces.

  1. I know Ms Milburn personally, and I believe, with her life experience that she’s the one for the job.
    Let’s remove all the old white men from office here in St Mary’s instead.
    Young leadership is way overdue!!!

    1. So her being black is what you’re most excited about? As for her being the young leadership you desire, her opponent may be younger -maybe. “Let’s remove all the old white men from office here in St. Mary’s instead.” ???? It certainly does sound as if your endorsement of Ms. Milburn is based largely on her skin color and you may or may not be prejudiced towards white people. She seems like a nice lady – too bad you didn’t just say that.

      1. My endorsement is based on the fact that she’s a young, educated female who has quite a resume’, and I feel she’ll do a great job as commissioner!
        We also attended the same school in the past.

  2. Mary’s right. All this partisanship has got to end if we’re going to remain a free democratic society.
    Let’s begin to represent the face of St Mary’s within it’s leadership.

  3. She’s a politician, she’ll promise the world then once voted in get rich off tax dollars and won’t do jack! That’s how politics work

    1. Ok, we get it, you’re an anarchist, you hate politicians, you hate democracy, you hate. Do something else besides crap post on the Baynet or does that make you feel good? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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