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MECHANICSVILLE, Md. — The owner of Potomac Speedway, Jonathan Beasley, recently announced on social media that the Potomac Speedway will be closing its stock car racing by 2025. The announcement also noted how the future owner will be planning to focus primarily on dirt bike racing at the track.

The following post came from Beasley:

“Potomac Speedway has been open for 50 years. In three years, 2025 will be the last season for stock car racing at Budds Creek.

I am selling the track to my son Ezra, he wants to focus on strictly dirt bikes. We are turning it into a full-time Supercross track. I’d like to thank Denise for 25 of those 50 years, she has been a professional promoter of the speedway. Before the sale, I gave her a three-year lease so that you guys would have time to wind down. I want to thank the stock car racers and apologize to them at the same time.”

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  1. This is so sad, guaranteed it’ll get bulldozed and turned into a yuppie neighborhood, drag strip will be next

  2. I think that should be re thought.
    Diversification makes everything safer . The car segment is healthy in Southern MD.
    John, you can do both.
    You have a lot of land, you can even run supercross INSIDE of the car track.
    Transportation may become to expensive for you to fill up supercross track from out of town when you already have local car racers.
    This sounds like a bad business decision from an outsider.

  3. Getting rid of the car racing for all dirt bike races sounds like a bad decision. This is going to be very disappointing for a lot of Southern Maryland families. So this is what it comes to after 50 years of loyalty by the fans, families, and drivers. Terrible.

  4. Both tracks, dirt oval track and motocross have coexisted for many many years. The best solution already exists continue to keep both tracks active and both groups of fans happy.

  5. been coming to this track for over 50 years so sad for all the car owners who work so hard to support your track and the money they have spent on there cars to put on a great show for you. this is not fair to them for some dirt bikes who already have a track at your facility . you should think twice about the change its not all about money in your pocket its called loyality to stock car racing

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