Bowie City Council ElectionElection: Nov. 7
Candidate NameCandidate Office*
Tim AdamsMayor
Troy S. StewartMayor
Dennis BradyAt-Large Councilmember
Jarryd Hawkins (I)At-Large Councilmember
Wanda RogersAt-Large Councilmember
Preston W. Thomas, IIIAt-Large Councilmember
Jenmaire DewberryDistrict 1 Councilmember
Michael Estève (I)District 1 Councilmember
Lisa MartinDistrict 2 Councilmember
Monica RoebuckDistrict 2 Councilmember
Dufour Woolfley (I)District 2 Councilmember
Babatunde AlegbeleyeDistrict 3 Councilmember
Iyamide HouseDistrict 3 Councilmember
Clinton Truesdale (I)District 3 Councilmember
Robert W. Day, Sr.District 4 Councilmember
Craig M. MuckleDistrict 4 Councilmember
Roxy Ndebumadu (I)District 4 Councilmember
 *Voters may select up to two At Large Councilmembers.
Greenbelt City Council Election**
Election Held: Nov. 7
Ric Gordon (I)Matthew A. Inzeo Jennifer A. PompiRodney M. Roberts (I)Moses N. SekatawaJames R. WhippleWilliam A. Orleans Emmett V. Jordan (I) Kristen L. K. Weaver (I)Danielle P. McKinneySilke I. Pope (I) **Candidates listed In ballot order. Voters may select up to Seven Councilmembers. 
Top Candidate Wins Mayoral Race, Runner Up Wins Mayor Pro Tempore.
College Park ElectionElection Held: Nov. 5
CandidateCandidate Office* 
S.M. Fazlul Kabir (I)Mayor
Kamthorn G. ClaryDistrict 1 Councilmember
Bryan HaddadDistrict 1 Councilmember
Jacob T. HernandezDistrict 1 Councilmember
Alan Y. Hew (I)District 1 Councilmember
Brian J. RoanDistrict 1 Councilmember
Llatetra Brown Esters (I)District 2 Councilmember
Susan L. Whitney (I)District 2 Councilmember
A. Perez AbbottDistrict 3 Councilmember
Stuart M. Adams (I)District 3 Councilmember
John B. Rigg, III (I)District 3 Councilmember
Maria E. Mackie (I)District 4 Councilmember
Denise C. Mitchell (I)District 4 Councilmember
 *Voters may select up to two Councilmembers per district.
Laurel City ElectionElection Held: Nov. 7
CandidateCandidate Office* 
Seeta DeonauthMayor
Martin MitchellMayor
Brencis SmithMayor
Keith SydnorMayor
Sophady UongMayor
Christine M. JohnsonAt Large Councilmember
Enrico McCleary IIAt Large Councilmember
Adrian G. SimmonsAt Large Councilmember
Carl DeWalt (I)Ward 1 Councilmember
James Kole (I)Ward 1 Councilmember
Connie LucasWard 1 Councilmember
Stephen J. WallaceWard 1 Councilmember
Kyla ClarkWard 2 Councilmember
Melvin E. LindsleyWard 2 Councilmember
Thomas Matthews Jr.Ward 2 Councilmember
Jeffrey MillsWard 2 Councilmember
 *Voters may select up to two Councilmembers per district.

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  1. Marylanders are facing a statewide ballot question at the general election concerning reproductive rights. It will basically ask if you support reproductive rights. However, the way things are are ok, so to keep things the way they are, vote against it, or vote against changing things.

  2. No Rs/ Ds? You’ve got to get to know the candidate and not just look for the R/ D? WHy aren’t other elections like this? Why aren’t all elections like this? Get to know the candidate. Some states don’t put that on their ballot and you have to know someone and not just look for the R/ D.

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