I was very pleased to read that slots had arrived at the local ADF Bingo in Charlotte Hall. After reading an article it was stated that the slots were available for 10pm till 2am. That the proceeds would go to charity.

A group of my slot buddies decided we would take the trip to the  ADF Bingo Hall and when we arrived after speaking with three different employees and receiving 3 different answers a woman that was dressed as an escort than an employee came up to us shaking her head in a rapid no motion stated  with a very negative attitude that we was not to be there that first we must purchase tickets to enter the hall, then we must purchase bingo booklets, then we must sit through all the bingo games which ends at 11:30 and then and only then would we be permitted to have our bingo book stamped so that we may play the machines.

After being informed of this I stated that was not what was reported in the local paper she replied well it does not matter that she is the owner. My thought of all this is that the bingo parlor is not in search or charity money that it was just a ploy to get more money running through the bingo aspect by charging a minimum of $50 to even enter.

This is very unfortunate due to the fact I easily drop a thousand dollars when I go to play slots I love them even if loosing.So I am sure that my money was greatly appreciated later when I went to the brass rail to check their machines out.

Both places I had never visited before and with the rude and better than attitude I received from the ADF I will continue to go to Dover and Atlantic City and if there is a weekend I don’t feel like driving then I will go to the brass rail.

I must admit the brass rail was small but made up for it with big customer service with a smile and a thank you come back again!

I would greatly appreciate my article to be posted so that other local’s do not go just to be rejected and treated with such disrespect.

– Slots Patron