Solomons, MD – If you are interested in the Zen tradition or are a foodie, Calvert Library has a treat for you.

On Wednesday, December 16, 2015, Calvert Library Interim Southern Branch in Solomons will present a documentary about applying the principles of Zen Buddhism to the art of cooking; or as Edward Espe Brown describes it, he will show you “how to cook your life.”  Renowned chef, cookbook author, and Zen Buddhist priest, Brown offers a blend of cooking techniques and meditation to help one approach enlightenment.  Cooking can be elevated from thankless chore to beautiful experience. The film reveals that food means much more than good nutrition and that cooking is a feast of the senses as well as an act of love and generosity.

Lights go down at 6:00pm and the film will be followed by a short discussion ending by 8:30pm.  Light refreshments and coffee will be served.  For more information call Robyn Truslow at (410) 535-0291 or (301) 855-1862.