Leonardtown, MD – St. Mary’s County Government is interested in receiving expressions of interest from Food Truck Vendors to establish food service at the St. Mary’s County Regional Airport Terminal located at 44200 Airport Road, California, MD.   Food Service would include daily operations Monday-Friday under a schedule mutually agreed upon by the vendor and the County. Lunch service is a requirement and breakfast and/or dinner service would be at the discretion of the vendor.  Friday lunch business may be less than other days of the week.  Food would be prepared in the truck and served from the terminal to customers.  It is anticipated that multiple vendors could be required to fill out the weekly schedule with one vendor per meal time or day.

St. Mary’s County Regional Airport is located 4 miles northeast of Leonardtown. Access to the Airport is via MD Route 235 and Airport Road. The Airport has experienced vast growth over the last year to include five new office buildings bringing about 100 new employees to the airport; two new business hangars one of which is an aircraft maintenance shop bringing transient aircraft in to have their aircraft repaired; lastly, the University System of Maryland at Southern Maryland (USMSM) has started construction on their third building for research and design.
In addition to employees in the new and existing facilities, the airport terminal building will undergo renovations soon to repurpose the space for more office suites. Currently, one flight school is in the terminal and the Civil Air Patrol conducts cadet training at the terminal every Wednesday evening.  Other employers include The University of Maryland who runs an Unmanned Aerial Systems Research Facility on the airport and TechPort who assists small startup companies using their facility to develop new aviation related products; Chesapeake Technologies, AIRtec, Pax Aero Solutions, PAE and many more.  There are approximately 200 employees working at the airport for the various employers and about 150 more between the University System of Maryland and Southern Maryland faculty and students and the Holly Buildings. The airport has planes that fly daily as well as 180 based aircraft on the airport.


Written responses to the REOI should be concise but informative and include the following information.

1) Letter on Company Letterhead detailing the structure of the company, qualifications in the area of food service operations and confirming its authority to operate in St. Mary’s County by providing a copy of their SMCHD Food Permit.
2) Day(s) of the week desiring to operate at the airport.
3) Three references on past performance.
4) Proposed menu 

Evaluation of Expressions of Interest
A Food Service REOI Committee, consisting of County staff from the Department of Public Works and Transportation and/or the Department of Economic and Community Development, Health Department and other selected departments, review the letters submitted. Nothing in this REOI is intended to restrict participation or response to the eventual solicitation by firms which either does not respond to this REOI. This REOI does not commit the County to a solicitation, selecting any proposals for further consideration, or to awarding a contract.

Issuing Office:                                    Department of Public Works & Transportation
St. Mary’s County Regional Airport

Address:                                              P.O. Box 508 
                                                            California, MD 20619

Airport Manager:                                Allison Swint

Phone:                                                 (301) 475-4200 ext. 73511

e-mail                                                  Allison.Swint@stmarysmd.com

The point of contact (POC) for purposes of this REOI is the Airport Manager. No local government employee, official or representative has authority to change the requirements of this REOI except the Airport Manager.
Site visits to inspect the terminal building may be scheduled with a representative from the County. Arrangements for the site visit must be made through the POC (301) 475-4200 x 73511.

REOI Due Date
One original Expression of Interest must be received by the St. Mary’s County Airport Manager by 2 p.m., Dec. 18, 2019, via email to Allison.Swint@stmarysmd.com.  The subject line of the email shall read: EOI for Airport Food Truck Service.  Requests for extensions will not be granted.