A Shoppers Food & Pharmacy store in Germantown, Montgomery County, Maryland, by Illegitimate Barrister.

CALIFORNIA, Md. – Three Shoppers grocery stores are coming to St. Mary’s County in old McKay’s locations. 

In the 22nd episode of “Get Real with Chris & Mark,” Commissioner Eric Colvin announced “Shoppers” is returning to St. Mary’s County.

“I was told today that “Shoppers,” the grocery store, is coming to Charlotte Hall and Leonardtown where the McKay’s used to be,” Commissioner Colvin told The BayNet Podcast hosts. 

As of February 8th, 2023, Shasho Consulting, P.A. Commerical Real Estate confirmed that “Shoppers” will also return to their former location in  California, MD, at the Patuxent Crossing Shopping Center, formerly known as San Souci Plaza. 

The California location was also a McKay’s for a short time. 

As the community welcomes the return of Shoppers, we also say goodbye to the last “McKay’s” store, which stood in Leonardtown for 15 years. 

McKay and his family have run multiple grocery stores in Leonardtown, Hollywood, Charlotte Hall, Great Mills, Solomons, and California. 

The Hollywood location opened in 1962, and the Charlotte Hall location opened in 1982. The Great Mills and Solomons locations closed years ago.

Shoppers currently has 27 locations throughout the DMV.

Katie Callander

Writer, Photographer

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  1. Shoppers returning to San Souci wont last a year, too much competition in that area, Alidi, Giant, Harris Teeter and Walmart

    1. Aldi’s, trash. Giants’s, expensive. Harris Teeter, very expensive. Walmart, too crowded and trash.

      1. Yes, Giant, and Harris Teeter are very expensive. That’s why I want to go to Shoppers with rodent infestation, moldy ceiling tiles from water leaks, and out of date food – definitely won’t be crowded.

  2. Correction to this article should note that the Hollywood McKay’s opened in 1962 and the Charlotte Hall McKay’s opened in 1982.

  3. I hope the owners of the stores puts a florist that offers pick your own bouquet on Thursdays, Friday’s, and Saturdays. I think the northern end of the county would be perfect for a florist. Think about that, there are 2 local funeral homes. All of the neighborhoods in between Waldorf, Leonardtown and LaPlata. That’s where all of those are servicing. Is Waldorf or Leonardtown and LaPlata , which is closer to the areas I just spoke of. Country Lakes, Golden Beach, Helen neighborhoods, other Mechanicsville neighborhoods ! The need( which I would think people send roses on Valentines Day! ) (hint hint to my husband)🤣🤣🤣. Just a thought tho. If I had the want to be a business owner again, I’d do it in a minute 🌹💐🌷🌻🌸🌺. Taking time to smell the roses (my grands) all 10 of them . I vote for a florist in Shoppers or the adjacent stores. That atrium would be a great space for the flower market with a misting system a few hours every evening!

    1. The county needs to provide public water and sewer if we want to get decent shipping in the north end.

        1. There was a plan to put water and sewer in Charlotte Hall – residents strongly opposed as it was thought it would bring “the wrong kind of development”. Shot themselves in the foot more like.

    1. 🤔I heard the same thing. A Nick’s of St Mary’s is coming. At the very 1st McKay’s Locations on Hollywood Road The smallest of the grocery stores that They had.

  4. As I worked in the grocery business for almost 40 years we were always told competition is good for business because we can show them how we’re better evidently Tommy McKay didn’t know how to do it

  5. I am curious as to whether this will be the same management team that ran the previous incarnations of Shoppers and McKays into the ground. It’s not looking very positive in Charlotte Hall. The former McKays should be gutted, but it appears that they’re going to slap a coat of paint on the outside and use the same broken freezers and refrigerators, and 40 year old shelving. I don’t think for a minute that we’re ever going to get a Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s, but could we at least get a Weis, a Lidl, or an Amazon Fresh?

    1. Amazon is closing a lot of their Brick and Mortar grocery stores. They found it is not a profit center like they thought.

    2. St. Mary’s County is too small for those Franchise we don’t have the population. They ain’t gonna come down here on this end.. You Might as well go to Mom’s in Waldorf
      They’re making it hard for a Royal Farms to come down here in Charlotte Hall & They are Popping up everywhere from the Eastern Shore on down… The Southern Maryland/Tri County area Waldorf, St.Mary’s & Calvery County are the only counties around that don’t have one

    3. You forgot the leaky roof that caused water to get all over the food when it rained. Are they going to replace the roof before they stock the Shoppers in Charlotte Hall?

  6. This forum is too funny talking about the local grocery stores, but very true. This area does not have one store with fair prices, clean, customer service, and most of all crowed with St. Mary’s and Calvert people.

  7. Hopefully, they won’t have the same unprofessional, bad attitude employees they had the previous time.

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