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CALIFORNIA, Md. – St. Mary’s County Commissioner Eric Colvin appeared on The Baynet’s Podcast, “Get Real with Chris & Mark,” to discuss new developments and tax credits. 

Commissioner Colvin, along with hosts Chris Hill and Mark Frisco, discussed details on expansions at the airport, the homestead and solar tax credits, new Shopper’s grocery stores, and increases in teacher salaries.

Commissioner Colvin is serving his second term representing District 1. He is the second commissioner to appear on the podcast to ‘Get Real’ about important community issues. 

Chris & Mark started the episode by asking Commissioner Colvin about the growth at St. Mary’s County Airport, the AeroPark Innovation District. 

“So much expansion there. The company “Airtec” just expanded a new hanger out there. There’s a company that is going to be offering charter flights very soon out of our airport. We are still working on some runway expansion,” explained Colvin.  

Commissioner Colvin continued the conversations by mentioning the drone research taking place.

“It’s the drone capital. It’s incredible all the drone research that’s happening and going to be happening there. It’s really high-tech,” Colvin expressed. 

Comissionioner Colvin mentioned that the airport is now the chosen location of the Student UAS Competition (SUAS). 

“Last summer was the first time hosting the international drone competition there. It’s typically done down at Webster Field, but it has schools from all over the world, so getting them on the base became a bit of a security issue. So being able to host them at our airport was just a perfect fit,” Colvin told Chris & Mark. 

During the drone competition, Commissioner Colvin recalled that the students had to create a drone that could drop a vehicle that picked up a water bottle and brought it back to a designated destination. 

Later in the episode, the group brought attention to the new homestead tax credit and a solar tax credit.

“It is vitally important that people apply for the homestead tax credit. It’s a one-time thing, but it limits how much your tax increases every year,” Colvin shared.  

“Senator Ellis put in a bill that I am really excited about,” the commissioner continued, “25% tax credit for residential rooftop solar.” 

In the episode, Chris & Marked shared their opinions on solar panels and where people should place them. 

Commissioner Colvin also announced a new business returning to St. Mary’s County.

“I was told today that “Shoppers,” the grocery store, is coming to Charlotte Hall and Leonardtown where the McKay’s used to be.”

“Get Real with Chris & Mark” often challenges its guests to speak up about issues that can be hard to discuss. 

Chris & Marked ended the conversation by asking Commissioner Colvin about the problems they are working to combat. 

“Is the same challenges that everywhere in the country has—growth, how to deal with growth, and how to encourage the right kind of growth. Our EMS system and ensuring that we have the support of our volunteers, so if you pick up the phone and call 911, an ambulance be there,” Colvin summarized. 

Commissioner Colvin went into detail on changes to the budget and what they are considering. 

“Teachers starting salaries within a few years needs to be $60,000. There’s a big jump coming, and that is mandated by law,” said Colvin.  

During the 23-minute episode, Chris & Mark covered a lot of changes coming soon. 

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  1. Let’s consider hangars vice hangers. Was this just voice to text? Goes to show … Human still needed!

  2. Have the County Commissioners ever considered the consequences of expansion on parts of the county not in the immediate area of the airport? The civilian aircraft noise is continuous. Most pilots are quite decent, but then there are numerous ones who don’t follow FAA regulations. Apparently there are few parts of the county which aren’t subject to the continual noise of civilian aircraft. Talk about the quality of life tanking.

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