scam alert
scam alert

PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. – Calvert County State’s Attorney Robert Harvey reports that several residents have received a mailer from a California business named “Property Profile”. 

The mailer offers to provide the resident with a copy of his/her deed or other land title record, for a $107.00 fee.  Please be advised that there is no need to pay such a fee to obtain these records. 

For a nominal fee of $5.00, plus $0.50 per page, any Calvert County property owner may obtain a copy of his/her deed from the Clerk of the Court, Land Records Section, in Prince Frederick. 

In the alternative, property owners may go to, create a user name and password, and view the relevant records online.

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  1. Scam?
    Someone offering a service for a fee, isn’t a scam.

    At, you can easily download and/or print deeds, liens, mortgages & etc. for free, without being strip searched, face diapered and scammed for $5+.

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