Second District VFD & Rescue Squad 72nd Annual Installation Of Officers, Awards Dinner

VALLEY LEE, Md. – On Saturday, February 4, 2023, the Second District Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad, Inc. celebrated their 72nd Anniversary Installation of Officers and Awards Dinner. Prior to the swearing in of Officers and Awards, members and guests enjoyed a superb dinner catered by Rita B Catering with desserts provided by Chief’s Your Neighborhood Bar.

Following dinner, SDVFD&RS Chaplain Cindy Bowes read a special and touching tribute to the late Past President/Past Chief/Life Member James Gregory Adams, followed by a moment of silence.

President R. Blair Swann performed the duties of Master of Ceremony, and introduced the guests.

Joe Gould, President of the Southern Maryland Volunteer Firemen’s Association, swore in the Executive Officers, Board of Directors, Line Officers, and Engineers. Barbara Sue Nelson, Past President of the Ladies Auxiliary to the Maryland State Firemen’s Association, swore in the Auxiliary Officers.

Following the swearing in of officers, the awards and recognition ceremony commenced with acknowledgement of members’ achievements.


Top 10 Responders – Emergency Medical Services

1. Carol Boehm with 316 responses

2. Dan Browne with 236 responses

3. Peggy Thompson with 87 responses

4. Joe Held with 82 responses

5. Kim Collins with 72 responses

6. John Manion with 69 responses

7. Jennifer Stauffer with 67 responses

8. Brian Stauffer with 66 responses

9. Molly Manion with 62 responses

10. Scott Raley with 56 responses

Top 10 Responders – Firefighting

1. Francis Bean with 361

2. Lyn Henderson with 350

3. Cody Henderson with 225

4. Jason Hayden with 182

5. Mike Stroud with 162

6. Ben Windsor with 150

7. Blair Swann with 149

8. Paul Hewitt with 136

9. Ryan Patton with 118

10. Chris Gibson with 117

Service Hours – Auxiliary

1. Robin Dove with 258.7 hours

2. Nancy Starks with 231.6 hours

3. Keith Dove with 199.9 hours

4. Becky Boyer with 175.6 hours

5. Sandra Mattingly 173.4 hours

6. Luke Mattingly 173.1 hours

7. Betty Carter 170.9 hours

8. George Starks 168 hours

9. Lucy Myers 142.7

10. Agnes Birch 125.1

Length of Service Awards

5 Years; Kim Collins, Dylan Henderson, Paul Hewitt, DeeDee Johnson, Crystal King, Steven King

10 Years; Ronnie Alvey, Janie Stauffer, Dylan Walker

15 Years; Becky Boyer, Robin Dove

20 Years; Eddie Pickeral, Sherry Pickeral, George Starks, Mike Stroud

25 Years; James Barnes Sr., Carol Boehm, John Guy, Larry Proctor

30 Years; Stephanie Boyd, J.P. Caulder, Joe Held

40 Years; Mike Roberts, Blair Swann

Special Recognition Awards;

Last year’s Operational Line Officers were presented cards by Chief Henderson and Assistant Chief Boehm.

Auxiliary President Robin Dove presented her Auxiliary Officers from last year with gifts.

President Swann presented gifts to Susan Joy and Ron Bailey in appreciation of their numerous efforts over the years.

President Swann and Chief Henderson presented Special Recognition Awards were presented to the following members.

Chief’s Award – Carol Boehm

Dawn Stauffer

President’s Award – Mike Roberts

Harry M. Koehler Memorial Award – Lyn Henderson

EMS Provider of the Year – Dan Browne

Firefighter of the Year – Cody Henderson

EMS Rookie of the Year – Brittney Bean

John Manion

Fire Rookie of the Year – Rob Dent

Tyler Frederick

A very special moment of the evening occurred when outgoing Auxiliary President Robin Dove presented President Swann and outgoing Chief Lyn Henderson with a check from the Auxiliary for $60,000.

Following the awards ceremony, the members relaxed to some down time to the music of DJ Ronnie Carter.

A special thanks to the members of Ridge VFD and Lexington Park VRS, who stood by at our station to cover for us so we could unwind and enjoy our special night.

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  1. WHEW!!! 40 years of service to St Mary’s County! 2 Good Ole St Mary’s County boys and still serving. Thank you for your service and dedication.
    Congratulations to all!

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