Leonardtown, MD – Maryland Secretary of Agriculture Joseph Bartenfelder visited the St. Mary’s County Fair Friday, Sept. 25. He toured the agriculture exhibits with an entourage that included St. Mary’s County delegates Tony O’Donnell, Deb Rey and Matt Morgan and county commissioners Mike Hewitt and Todd Morgan.

Bartenfelder, an Eastern Shore farmer, told The BayNet that he has been traveling around to the state’s fairs to get an idea about the state of farming. He said he was impressed with what he saw in St. Mary’s. Looking at Del. O’Donnell, Bartenfelder said, “We are doing what we can” (to save farming).

During the tour Bartenfelder chatted with long-time Fair Board Chairman John Richards and his wife Ann and was interviewed during a live remote broadcast by T-Bone and Heather of Star 98.3.