Waldorf, MD – On June 25 the Charles County Sheriffs Office conducted the first training geared toward combating the increasing number of opiate and heroin overdoses. Charles County Sheriffs Office is turning to the antidote Naloxone or better known as Narcan.

Narcan is an antidote to opiate drugs and heroin, reversing the effects of overdosing by waking the individual. When the individuals wakes, breathing is regained which results in another life saved.

Each officer that attends this training will receive two packs of Narcan and the necessary equipment needed to help an overdosed individual.   

 In attendance at this training were Sheriff Troy Berry, Chief of the Town of La Plata Police Carl Schinner, Dr. Dianna Abney, and Lt. Charles Baker.

While each of these  individuals played a very critical role in making this event happen, Dr. Abney was the one instructing the classroom.  

The opiate and heroin problem that Southern Maryland is facing is not limited to the Tri-County area, the whole state of Maryland is witnessing the horrific problems that opiate addiction can cause. 

According to Sheriff Berry “this is a state issue”, that Charles County Sheriffs Office is willing to face on all fronts. This training will help first respondents approach a situation that is occurring more often, with the right set of tools to help save lives. 

Every two years each officers Narcan training will expire, if the officer wishes to be certified in this training he or she will have to retake the class to gain the privilege to carry this tool around.