Even the rain couldn’t put a damper on the festivities that were planned at the Cat Castle in Callaway last Thursday night for the Remember Me Candle Lighting.  It was an event planned by one of the local animal rescue groups called SMAWL, which is the St. Mary’s Animal Welfare League.  Katie Werner, President was in attendance with a cute little four-legged boy named J.J., who by the way is looking for a PAWmenant home, along with other SMAWL organizers, friends and volunteers.  Did you know that last year, there were 390 animals euthanized every month in the Tri-County area?  Last nights’ event was to bring awareness to our area and nationwide in hopes of saving more four-legged lives.  Mike Arms, who is the original creator of the Remember Me Thursday event said that “My heart breaks for those beautiful people working in animal welfare who are forced to take the lives of the pets they love.  I believe lighting a candle for the orphan pets will be a way for people to let the world know how much they love them, and the awareness can help in increasing adoptions and decreasing euthanasia”.  The first ever Remember Me Thursday took place on September 26, 2013. There were 139 countries that united to support the movement, along with over 100,000 individuals around the globe holding their own candle lighting ceremonies.

These animals don’t have to lose their lives, and you can be a part of the movement to stop the senseless euthanasia by adopting a four-legged friend.  For any of you looking for an animal to adopt, you have come to the right place.  They are open for adoption at Petco in California on Saturdays from 10-2 and at the Cat Castle in Callaway on Saturday and Sundays from 11-3.  For anyone that is interested in dogs, they are currently in foster homes awaiting their permanent family too!  Open your heart and spread the word!!  The Cat Castle’s home is in the former business DJ’s Outdoor World in Callaway Village Shopping Center. I think everyone would be surprised at how much love and care was put into making these kitties a home until their FURever homes are found.  They have huge cages and lots of beds, play toys and scratching posts. Most are able to roam free and spend time with their other furry friends that are also waiting to be adopted. There is a full line up of the cats and dogs that are up for adoption. You can view their photos and bios. You can view the cats and kittens at http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/MD65.html.



Colby – is an 8 year old Puggle mix (unless we know the animal is a pure breed, we have to say they’re mixes).  He came to SMAWL as an owner surrender when their son developed severe allergies.


Dyno – is a 1-1/2 year old Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix. 

JJ – is a 5 year old Jack Russell/Terrier mix (more Terrier than Jack Russell).  He came to SMAWL with his sister, Juno, as an owner surrender she entered the police academy.



JJ – is a 5 year old Jack Russell/Terrier mix (more Terrier than Jack Russell).  He came to SMAWL with his sister, Juno, as an owner surrender she entered the police academy.


Juno – is JJ’s sister and also a 5 year old Jack Russell/Terrier Mix (more Terrier than Jack Russell).

Karma – is around 2 years old and is a Pit Bull/Pointer mix. 

Rusty – is a 6 year old Pit Bull/Boxer mix.  He’s very sweet and lovable but needs to be the only dog in the home.  Because we do not have foster families without other pets Rusty has been living at Indian Bridge Kennels for almost a year.

Little Bear – is our newest intake – an 8-year old Setter mix whose elderly owner was unable to care for him any longer.

If you are looking to adopt, please stop in and meet them all.  Your heart will melt! I believe that Carrie Monahan’s speech really summed up the evening.  For additional information on Remember Me Thursday, you can go to www.remembermethursday.org. and for more information on SMAWL, you can check them out at www.SMAWL.org .  If you can’t open your home, maybe you can open your heart to volunteering or perhaps fostering.  They also welcome donations such as litter, food, towels, blankets, bowls, toys, etc.  Even though cats and dogs cannot speak they will forever thank you with their unconditional love!!  Be sure to also check out the upcoming events on their website.