An exhibition of stunning photographs of atmospheric conditions conceived and produced by St. Mary’s College of Maryland’s Boyden Gallery’s Director, Mary Braun, and Dr. Charles Adler, St. Mary’s physics professor, opened this week at the National Science Foundation (NSF) in Arlington, Virginia. “The Atmosphere Exposed:  Photographs of Halos, Mirages, Iridescent Clouds… and more!” began as a juried exhibition of photos taken by scientists, meteorologists, and amateur photographers in conjunction with the 10th International Light and Color in Nature conference held at the college in June 2010.

In connection with the exhibition, scientists Robert Greenler and David K. Lynch will describe atmospheric optics in a public talk at noon Thursday, March 8, at NSF. Past president of the Optical Society of America, Dr. Greenler is the author of the books “Rainbows, Halos and Glories” and “Chasing the Rainbow.”  Dr. Lynch is a co-author of the book “Color and Light in Nature” and is president of Thule Scientific, a company specializing in scientific research and education.

Forty-four of the original 130 photos will be on display. To visit the exhibition at the National Science Foundation, 4201 Wilson Blvd in Arlington, contact Dottie Harris at 703-292-7542 or to gain access.

The original show was made possible by the Maryland State Arts Council, the National Science Foundation, The Patuxent Partnership, St. Mary’s College of Maryland, the Steven Muller Distinguished Professor of Science, and Wyle Corporation.