Solomons Inn Hotel Looking To Go Out With A Bang For Its Final Year

SOLOMONS, Md. – For 35 years, the site of the Solomons Inn Hotel has been the number one hotel and event center in the area. Whether it was conferences, get-togethers, dances, or birthday parties, the Solomons Inn Hotel has been a great host for so many.

In December of 2021, a new ownership group, Solomons Joint Venture, LLC, took over and rebranded the hotel. The property is slated to become a senior living community soon. The final day for the Solomons Inn Hotel to be operated as a hotel will be October 31st.

“One of the things that we want people to know is that we have a staff that has been here for a long time, and yes, we’re closing in October, but this staff is determined to make this the best year ever,” says Lee Baines, the General Manager of the hotel. 

Lee Baines, who has worked at the hotel for 18 years, described her relationship with the new ownership group. 

“They’re actually a great group of business people. When we convert to the senior community…it’s going to be operated by IntegraCare, which has a wonderful reputation. Rick Irwin is the partner from IntegraCare and he has been most impressive to work with. We also have The Reliable Companies, a development/construction/investment company out of Anne Arundel County…they’ve been really great to work with. The team has been very respectful of our guests and worked around the needs of the hotel and the staff. Also, John and Lauren Simpson, who were the original owners, are still a part of the group. I’ve told people this for years, you couldn’t ask for a better boss than John Simpson.”

For its final year, the Solomons Inn Hotel is planning on doing everything it can to give back to the community that has supported them throughout the years. They plan on hosting many events in their conference rooms and also having the pool open to people with memberships.

“We’re still the one place where you can do everything. Me and my daughter both got married here, this is the place for people who are coming for high school reunions, conferences, family reunions… it’s always been an excellent community partner. We also have charities that we sponsor and do a lot for, and none of that is going to change. Between now and October 31st, this staff is determined to make this year the best,” Baines said.

The final function the hotel will host will be held on October 29th and will be a Toys For Tots fundraiser. So far, no specific details are available for the event other than it will be a masquerade for Halloween.

In the next couple of months as the weather warms up, the hotel will be opening the After Deck, an outside bar. They will offer poolside service with food and drinks.

They are also preparing for the Tiki Bar opening weekend. There will be a shuttle ride that will take guests from the Solomons Inn to the Tiki Bar, as well as a ride back.

With the name change, people are having trouble finding the hotel online to book rooms. There are still rooms available for Tiki opening weekend, you can book your room by calling the hotel directly at 410-326-6311, or on their website at

“We’re still the one, we’re the place you’ve known and loved and visited, celebrated at, brought your kids, and raised generations through here. We’re still the one, we’re still that place, the only thing that has changed is our name,” says Baines.

Throughout this year, the new ownership group is working with their design team and the Calvert County agencies to create renovation plans that will transform the property into a first-class senior living community, taking advantage of its desirable orientation along Back Creek. The marina will continue to operate during the renovation process and will remain in place after the conversion of the senior facility is complete.

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  1. Instead of senior living, I would have turned it into condo’s. What a waste of property.

  2. We stayed at the property last weekend for a local wedding. It was clearly a very unpleasant stay. The hotel is VERY dirty and they probably should have closed a year ago. Our stay was NOT worth the $140 we had to pay to stay there. There was heavily stained carpets, no shower curtain, and outlet without a cover and a sky light that is heavily stained with mold. The experience was very distressing.

  3. what is the status of the new hotel that was going up in the corner of the parking lot?
    is that still happening, a new hotel?

  4. A sad, sad ending for what was not too long ago, the very nicest hotel in Southern Maryland. Disappointed that there has been so little public information on what is happening. Disappointed that Issac’s has closed. For both Calvert and St. Mary’s counties, among the wealthiest in the state of Maryland, the closure of this formerly high end hotel is a bad thing. A little public relations work and outreach to the community from the new owners group would go a long way, along with signage at the property.

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