Solomons, MD – The Solomons Island fireworks display went red, white, bloom and boom in a variation of pops, cracks, sizzles and colors Friday night for thousands.

Families and groups of friends poured onto the Island to see the show in truck beds with pillows, blankets and coolers, and others brought foldout chairs and approached the experience picnic style.

“We are new here, but we always find a big fireworks show to go to,” John Lindley, of California, said. “We like to park our truck where we can sit in it. It’s our own space.”

Solomons business owner, William Stewart, says he and his family enjoy the holiday from the comfort of his boathouse and rental boats.

“We are open from April to October,” Stewart said. “You can go out to the end of the dock to get a picture of the barge where they shoot the fireworks from, if you want.”

Solomons Island fireworks are lit from a barge in the Patuxent River visible from the Solomons pier.

“Look! I caught this little crab,” a 7-year-old Sadie, who accompanied Stewart said. “He is a little blue crab.” Sadie added she was excited for the fireworks to start.

There were vendors selling pizza, popcorn, cotton candy, bottled water and soda pop, down the street that runs parallel to the pier.


“Are you going to cover the Dragon Boat Festival,” Mary Jo Geisz asked from an information booth. “Proceeds from the festival will go to support a good cause.”

Mary Jo Geisz and her husband, Andy Geisz, spoke about how the proceeds will help fund programs developed for adults with developmental differences.

The Geisz said the Dragon Boat Festival will take place at Solomons Island Aug. 26 and 27.

“It will be something different and a whole lot of fun,” Andy said. “This is the first year!”
The Geisz weren’t the only ones manning a non-profit booth with a message.

Ladies from Feral Cat Rescue sold refreshments with proceeds benefiting the rescue. A pamphlet read those interested in the cause can help by visiting for more information.

People from other states attended.
“I am from San Deigo,” Corbett Vita said when asked for his hometown. He was accompanied by Dayana Height, of Lusby. The couple sat on the pier watching the sun go down and the boats cruise by.

“We’re from Long Island,” Kevin Donlevy said. “Long Island, New York,” Laura Degore,” confirmed. They were in the area for a Blue Crabs vs. Long Island Ducks game where the Blue Crabs defeated the Ducks — breaking their seven-game losing streak — 2 to 0.

The town of Solomons Island and its pier was bustling with people from every walk of life, every culture, and fellowship.

Laughter and smiles were plenty and all fell to a near silence with the first burst of fireworks that flared from the barge. The quiet was quickly replaced with “oohs and awes.”

The display lasted about half-an-hour before it came to a halt. People started walking to and leaving in their cars, and most cars made their get-away when another portion of the display fired up only going on for another 10 minutes.

The event turned out thousands in spite of the rain delay and reschedule from July 4.
The Calvert County Sheriffs Office directed traffic as patrons made their way home, and the Solomons Island Volunteer Fire Department oversaw safety without incident.

Solomons Island

Posted by on Friday, July 8, 2016