***The Maryland Department of Health has information that is not current with what St. Mary’s County Health Department officials are reporting. At this time, St. Mary’s County is showing 30 positive cases. Our numbers have been calculated with the newest information.***

LEXINGTON PARK, Md. — As of Thursday morning at roughly 10 a.m., the Maryland Department of Health(MDH) is confirming a total of 2,331 cases of the novel coronavirus(COVID-19) across the state of Maryland, while many results are presumably still waiting to be confirmed. This new total means there are over 346 newly confirmed cases in the past 24 hours.

Of the confirmed cases, over 582 people were ever hospitalized and 81 have been released from their isolation according to MDH. 

At this time, there are 121 officially confirmed cases in the Southern Maryland region. Charles County saw their previously confirmed total of 56 cases rise to 69, their largest jump in the county to date. In Calvert County, MDH has confirmed four more official cases, bringing their total up to 22. St. Mary’s County’s now counts cases on a rolling basis, and records from the county show a total of 30 cases.

A majority of the positive cases across the state are still found in Montgomery County and Prince George’s County. Since yesterday, Montgomery County saw an increase of 51 newly recorded cases, bringing their total to 498. PG County is now significantly outpacing cases in Montgomery, with the confirmation of 70 newly confirmed cases since yesterday. This is the second consecutive day that PG County has topped Montgomery County in a single day increase. Anne Arundel County has also confirmed 48 new cases in the last 24 hours, bringing their official total to 206.

On April 1, the total number of confirmed cases by the Maryland Department of Health was 1,985. As of April 2, that recorded number is at least 2,334, showing over a 17.4% increase across the state in the past 24 hours.

The Maryland Department of Health is confirming the following demographic breakdown of the cases, showing that the largest group to be impacted is adults under 65 years of age:

0-9: 9
10-19: 46
20-29: 286
30-39: 410
40-49: 437
50-59: 471
60-69: 357
70-79: 217
80+: 98

Female: 1,194   

Male: 1,137

This is an ongoing story that we will update with any new information regarding officially confirmed cases in Southern Maryland.

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