All photos provided courtesy of the Mechanicsville Volunteer Fire Department.

MECHANICSVILLE, Md. — This past weekend the Mechanicsville Volunteer Fire Department hosted Mid Atlantic Technical Rescue for a Heavy Vehicle Stabilization Course.

We were able to provide spots in the course for 18 MVFD members.

Also in attendance was:
Leonardtown VFD. Squad 1 – 5 members.
Hollywood VFD. Squad 7 – 5 members.
Hughesville VFD. Squad 1002 – 5 members.
Seventh District VFD – 3 members

On Friday MATR arrived and began setting up 4 rescue scenarios using their crane.
That evening a 3 hour classroom session was held to review concepts, terminology, and expectations to prepare students for the 4 scenarios.

Scenario 1.
A flatbed dump style truck ran over and came to rest on top of a passenger vehicle.

Scenario 2.
A school bus accident resting on two patients with concrete jersey barriers involved.

Scenario 3.
A car had ridden under a tractor trailer between the spread axles.

Scenario 4.
A box truck had overturned onto a passenger car, with another vehicle limiting access.

Apparatus and personnel assembled Saturday morning for a briefing and and began their first of two scenarios for each day.

Apparatus assigned to a scenario did not rotate to allow personnel to use neighboring departments equipment for familiarization, just as they might need to use on a automatic/mutual aid incident.

On Sunday members completed the final two scenarios before restoring equipment to their apparatus.

Many BIG thank you’s need to be given.

PJ Forrest for providing the vehicles, we could not have had the class without them.

Mid Atlantic Technical Rescue for their instructor knowledge and equipment.
Turner Enterprises LLC for the use of their tractor trailer.

New Market VFD of Frederick County MD for ensuring Rescue coverage Saturday, Saturday night, and Sunday.

OTP and Mission BBQ for providing lunch.

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