Southern Maryland Gives is a new initiative of the Nonprofit Institute at the College of Southern Maryland (CSM) that makes it easy for people to give locally to causes that matter to them.

“Southern Maryland really depends on its nonprofits,” said CSM President Dr. Brad Gottfried (pictured left). “Many of them are struggling, in fact, they’re all struggling. None of them are rich. None of them have enough staff. None of them have enough volunteers; and the amount of emphasis that we place on these nonprofits continues to grow every year.”

Through Southern Maryland Gives the institute hopes to make both giving and receiving donations easier, as well as shine a light on some of the needs nonprofits have in the Southern Maryland area that many residents may not know about.

The online giving hub located at is a one-stop-shop for giving to nonprofits in the area.

The web site is designed to showcase nine nonprofits per month and give them the visibility they need in order to raise funds for their different projects.

Several nonprofits currently being featured are Bay K-9 Search & Recovery (Bay K9 SAR), Greenwell Foundation and Historic Sotterley Inc.

The Bay K9 SAR provides professional trailing dog teams and search management support to the citizens of Southern Maryland. Their featured fundraiser is to raise $400 for training equipment for their new blood hound, Mathilda.

The Greenwell Foundation is a nonprofit located in St. Mary’s County whose mission is “to give all people the opportunity to participate and experience the benefits of recreation and the beauty of nature.”

They are currently attempting to raise $5,000 for an archery range that is better accessible for children in wheelchairs.

Historic Sotterley Inc. is a nonprofit in St. Mary’s County that is a part of the Sotterley Plantation. They are currently almost halfway to their goal of raising $10,000 that will be used to help restore the historic Corn Crib located on the plantation. 

“This will be Sotterley’s first permanent exhibit,” said Education Director Jeanne Pirtle. “It will add yet another dimension to the visitor experience, by telling the stories of the laborers over three centuries at Sotterley, through a researched, interactive exhibit through the perspective and eyes of those who spent their lives and labor on this large plantation.”

With a minimum of $10, donations can be made to not only these featured nonprofits, but any nonprofit close to your heart.

A search option is located in the top left of the web site to find other non-featured causes that need funds as well. The full amount of money raised through the hub will be given to the nonprofits.

Gottfried said that he hopes that through this initiative a culture of giving is created in the community.

“I get excited,” said Gottfried. “Even though we’ve been dealing with this for a couple years I still get excited about the potential and how this could truly help our nonprofit community. Strong nonprofits equals strong communities.”

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