Leonardtown, MD – Have you ever wondered what your precious heirlooms are worth? You can find out at the St. Mary’s County Museum Division’s Appraiser Fair at the St. Clement’s Island Museum on Saturday, January 24. The fair takes place between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. You can say it’s almost like the Antique Roadshow!

Expert appraisers experienced on the following categories will be on hand:  fine arts, jewelry, antique and vintage dolls, coins, clocks and medals.  The fine arts category will encompass a broad spectrum of items, including ceramics, pottery, glassware, artwork/paintings, music boxes, and curiosity items. There is a limit of two items per person in this category for a fee of $5 per item.  Other category fees are $5 each for the first two items and $10 per item thereafter.  Please only bring items which can be hand-carried. Space is limited and items will be viewed on a first come, first served basis.  Appraisals are not certified however one can make arrangements for a certified appraisal at a later date.

Appraisers on hand will include Henry Lane Hull of Commonwealth Antiques and Appraisals, independent appraiser Dorie Lear, certified gemologist and independent contractor Shari Mesh, William Parron of Parran Coin Company, and Linda Neeley of the Southern Maryland and  Black-eyed Susan Doll Clubs. Members of the Washington Conservation Guild will also be available to offer free professional preservation guidance for items brought by guests to the Appraiser Fair. The guild’s mission is to promote public conservation education for art and antiquities.

While waiting on their appraisals, guests can also enjoy a free chocolate tasting inside the Crab Claw Museum Store. Discover the purity of 18th century chocolate from American Heritage Chocolate, made by the Historic Division of MARS, Inc. This chocolate is available in block, powder and sticks.

For more information and directions, call the St. Clement’s Island Museum at 301-769-2222 or log onto www.stmarysmd.com/recreate/museums.  The St. Clement’s Island Museum is managed by the Museum Division of St. Mary’s County Department of Recreation and Parks and the Commissioners of St. Mary’s County. It is located at 38370 Point Breeze Road, Colton’s Point, MD.  The building and grounds are handicap accessible.