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LEONARDTOWN, Md. — St. Mary’s County Commissioner Mike Hewitt has officially filed for re-election seeking a third term in the seat he currently holds representing District 2 of St. Mary’s County. Hewitt officially filed his paperwork on February 15.

“I’m filing for re-election to continue to serve the constituent of St Mary’s County,” Hewitt told TheBayNet.com in a statement. “I’m proud to have served the past 7 years as commissioner for District 2 in Hollywood and Leonardtown, and will continue providing a high quality of constituent services. My goals have been for lower taxes, less government while supporting our teachers, deputies and county staff.”

Hewitt had previously said that he was waiting for the redistricting process to conclude locally so that he would know where he would be running. His concerns were driven by his proximity to the border of his district.

Now he is looking to serve a third and final term on the board, with a message he has won campaigns with in the past.

“I am an advocate for a lower Homestead Tax rate that helps seniors and those on fixed incomes against the impacts of high inflation. Having the lowest property and income taxes rates in Southern Maryland will continue to be my focus going forward,” Hewitt said. “Keeping our county finances strong, our taxes low and quality of life high are things that make St Mary’s County a great place to live and raise a family. Providing amenities like a YMCA will benefits to all our citizens and leaving future generations reasons to raise their families here too.”

Hewitt is entering an already somewhat crowded field for his seat. Marcus Drake, a Republican like Hewitt, has been filed since June of 2021, and is currently the only other declared candidate that will be in the GOP primary election in June.

Brandon Russell, an active leader on the Democratic Central Committee, is also seeking the District 2 seat, filing his paperwork to run over two weeks ago.

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