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LEXINGTON PARK, Md. — Fraternal Order of Police Announces Candidate Endorsements The Fraternal Order of Police, St. Mary’s County Lodge #7, is proud to announce the following endorsements for local offices in the 2022 Gubernatorial General Election.

St. Mary’s County Commissioners:

Commissioner President: Randy Guy

District 1: Eric Colvin

District 2: Michael Hewitt

District 4: Scott Ostrow

Maryland House of Delegates, District 29B: Deb Rey

The candidates were endorsed following a vote of our active membership after the opportunity to review and discuss either the answers to questions submitted to the candidates or statements provided by the candidates.

Prior to the July primary election, the St. Mary’s County Fraternal Order of Police endorsed the three candidates who would not be facing challengers in the November general election.

These candidates (Steve Hall for Sheriff, Jaymi Sterling for State’s Attorney, and Mike Alderson for County Commissioner, District 3) each won their respective primary election and will run unopposed during the general election.

We would ask you to join us, the women and men who serve and protect our community, in supporting each of these candidates during the upcoming general election.

Early voting will be held from October 27 – November 3, 2022, at the Bay District, Hollywood, and Mechanicsville Firehouses.

You may also request a mail-in ballot to vote by mail or to deposit your ballot in one of eleven drop boxes.

Election day is November 8, 2022, at your assigned polling location.

For more information, visit the St. Mary’s County Board of Elections website.

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  1. Deb Rey? Seriously? A rightwing trumper that thinks the last election was stolen? This is why I never joined the FOP. They can never support a democrat or someone that puts people over party.

    1. Not a huge fan of Rey, but anyone is better than “I’m coming for your guns and magazines” Crosby.

      1. Del. Crosby is a moderate who does not support burdensome gun regulation. Please check your facts. Del. Crosby has voted for numerous bills to fund and protect police departments.

  2. Them stale ole talking points. This county is red as the blood my ancestors left on this land. I would love to see a split ticket that would make everyone work on all the issues together. And we don’t need to defund the police we need to getting rid of the messy ones.

  3. before the sheriff leaves maryland, i’d like a commitment from him that he will still visit ……………………………………… this website regularly.

  4. we have to get down to the bottom of the dog on law, believe it or not, that doesn’t allow those who lost the Primary to be write- ins in the novemmber. If you didn’t prevail in the primary, you can’t be a candidate at all in the general, as a write-in. Who was feeling the heat? who did that? who wanted to do that to their challengers>? its not just who sponsored it, its who voted on it! After I found that out, I had to go have a lollypop

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