Man and son voting

Valley Lee, MD – Well, citizens of St. Mary’s County Maryland it is official, the polls have closed. Thanks to all the volunteers in our community that helped to make the early voting process seamless and the General Election a success.

My late Tuesday, Nov. 8 voting experience took me to the Valley Lee Fire Department and 2nd District Rescue Squad. First, this facility housed two voting precincts (A&B), which was a little confusing. One had approximately 2,300 voting residents and the other 700. I was a resident of the B Precinct.

As many other St. Mary’s voters, I was welcomed by friendly, poll workers who were eager to help get rid of my confusion. Due to an address change, I had to check in at the provisional judges table where I verbally gave my name and confirmed my address, month and year of birth. One of the most notable things of my voting experience was the fact that NO identification was asked for by an election board official. The new regulations do not require identification to be shown to vote, unless a person has it specified by their name, according to the 2016 Election Judges Manual.

2016 St Mary's votingThe voting process for the 2016 General Election was different than in 2012 and the voter assistance judges were superb at making it simple to understand. Like many other citizens in St. Mary’s County, I had my under 18-year old twin daughters with me to walk through the ballot-casting process step-by-step. One poll worker said, “This year we saw more families come to vote with their teens than anything and that is great to see.”

The State of Maryland used paper and pen voting this year which was extremely easy and fast. There was no line and no waiting. Regardless, who won the election…. I say, the real winners are the poll workers! Considering what the regional and national media is saying about the totals of votes out of rural America and specifically “our” showing at the polls this election – we all need to take our hats off and give a standing ovation to the Board of Elections in all three counties for their recruitment efforts and for volunteers who came and served for early voting and for yesterday’s General Election.

poll workersThank you for serving the citizens of Maryland. We would not be able to have an election if you didn’t give of your time and energy.

We are a community of citizens who care and when it comes down to it – “We make America great every day that way.


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