St. Mary's Democrats Rally to Fund Their Mission

LEONARDTOWN, Md. – At the Olde Breton Inn, Friday, September 15th, St. Mary’s Democratic Central Committee held a fundraiser and award ceremony to acknowledge the party’s future. It was the annual Skipjack Gala with special guest speakers Lt. Governor Aruna Miller and Comptroller Brooke Lierman.

Due to a roadblock and power outage in the building, Lt. Governor Miller was unable to attend, citing security risks, but she sent along her best wishes for the gala.

The electricity being down during the majority of the event created a dimly lit, elegant setting for people to browse silent auction items and nibble on hors d’oeuvres.

St. Mary's Democrats Rally to Fund Their Mission

Comptroller Lierman started the evening by addressing the Democratic group with much excitement and passion. “I function as the CFO of Maryland, so I have to think about building an economy that works for our state and for our lives. Our newly created policy division met with hundreds of business leaders all over the state to find out what is working and what isn’t working. All the information gathered will be released this fall with our first ever state of the economy report.”

She went on to say, “I’m working on building a more inclusive economy. That means our black, female, and veteran-owned businesses, to name a few. Many years ago, our state set a goal to have 29 percent of our procurement dollars go to these MBEs. Our state has never hit that goal. We are determined to change things.”

St. Mary's Democrats Rally to Fund Their Mission

Her final thoughts were, “When the government doesn’t work, people suffer. Communities that don’t have the resources suffer. Businesses can’t start and thrive- they don’t grow. I believe, fundamentally, that we all do better when we all do better. I think, as Democrats, that’s a core belief of ours.”

Awards were given to members of the group that embodied the party, its mission and their contribution.

St. Mary's Democrats Rally to Fund Their Mission

Closing the night was Congressman Steny Hoyer, who praised the people attending and all Democrats for their support and tireless fight for what the party believes.

Congressman Hoyer cited what he believes are some of the Biden administration’s key successes, such as employment rate and education statistics. He also had some opinions about former President Donald Trump. “Why would millions of Americans vote for a person who was convicted of sexual assault 16 years before his inauguration? That’s insane to me.”

St. Mary's Democrats Rally to Fund Their Mission

The Congressman referred to the New York civil trial, where the jury favored journalist E. Jean Carroll’s claims that he battered and defamed her during the 1990s.

He added, “Republicans are the reason for division in this country. They’re fighting each other! We need to unify to create a state and a nation that stands for true democracy.”

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  1. No mention of the crime/murder and poverty/homelessness that has been a cancer in Democrat controlled cities for decades? That’s convenient. Keep collecting those paychecks for doing nothing though Democrats, by all means.

    1. Are you that crazy? The dems with their simple leader Joe are the demise of everything we had going for us in this country. Hope you will be happy when you cannot even afford to feed yourself, and you have to walk everywhere because you cannot afford gas.

  2. Like her or not, theres an interesting democrat candidate, for President. Who is she? w ho is she? Terrisa Bukovinac,. Phenomenal website.

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