LEONARDTOWN, Md. — An alligator that was reportedly loose in St. Mary’s County has eluded capture for roughly a month, according to county officials.

Stephen Walker, Director of the Department of Emergency Services for St. Mary’s, confirmed that they have cornered the alligator multiple times, but it has avoided capture.

Although the alligator was sighted a month ago, a county resident claimed to have evidence that the alligator survived in the county for at least a year.

Currently, Walker confirmed they are working to capture the alligator alive. However, if it becomes an imminent threat to the community, they will kill it, according to Walker.

However, if there is no community threat from the animal, the county has said it will not pursue the capture efforts beyond those of a local contractor who is trying to make the catch.

As a result, Walker still will not confirm precisely where the gator is presumed to be located, hoping that others will not get involved in this matter. The gator is believed to be located in the Hollywood area.

“I’m just concerned that you have people who might go out and try to capture it or kill it,” Walker said. “I would just ask people [not to get involved].”

St. Mary’s County officials cited hopes to avoid a situation like in Calvert County where an 8-foot alligator was recently captured and killed in the Chesapeake Ranch Estates over the summer.

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources has opted not to aid in capturing the alligator at this time.