LEONARDTOWN, Md. – The St. Mary’s redistricting board approved a revised county commissioner district map with a 3-2 vote on Dec. 7. This move was followed by a surprise announcement from the board’s chairman.

For background information, the board had unanimously approved preliminary changes to a previous draft during its intense meeting on Nov. 30. One revision included in the draft was moving Great Mills back into District 4 with Lexington Park.

Although the last meeting started intensely, this meeting went according to plan. Tensions flared last time as the chairman and county attorney discussed the rules of procedure. There was not a problem with this meeting.

As a result, the board could agree on the agenda quickly, and then, the board discussed the new maps soon after.

PHOTO: St. Mary’s Redistricting Board Chairman Richard Johnson (via St. Mary’s County Government/Youtube)

The discussion turned into an explanation of the maps presented before they were taken up for a vote. They approved the maps with a 3-2 vote, and they opened the floor for discussion.

This meeting concludes the work of the St. Mary’s County redistricting board for the next 10 years. When these 10 years pass, the new redistricting board will have to choose a new chair and co-chair during their first meeting. Also, the new board will be instructed on the proper procedures of this process during the first meeting.

“I thank my fellow members for selflessly giving up their time, intellect, and energy to make their community a better place,” Richard Johnson, board chairman, said in his last statement. “Thank you to the county staff who assisted us and the county commissioners for bestowing their confidence and effort. The work of this board is done.”

After making his statement, Johnson announced he is running for Delegate in District 29B, currently represented by Del. Brian Crosby[D]. Crosby recently announced he is seeking reelection.

“I’ve seen a lot of bad things going on, so maybe I can make another impact,” Johnson said before adjourning the meeting.

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