Annapolis, MD — The Maryland Department of Natural Resources is seeking public comment on three proposed changes to fishing regulations.

Nontidal Waters changes would increase the possession limit to twice the daily creel limit for trout species in certain areas, clarify the description for the Fishing Creek put-and-take trout fishing area, and include all nontidal impoundments as areas where an angler may keep a striped bass.

Yellow Perch Fishery Management Plan would formally updates the yellow perch management framework in Maryland. The Department uses fishery management plans to guide actions taken to conserve and manage the species.

Yellow Perch – Clarification for Coordinates would clarify coordinates in the yellow perch chapter regarding where fyke nets cannot be set. A recent review of coordinates found three areas that need to be clarified. The proposed action updates and clarifies coordinates in the Bush and Chester Rivers.

A regulatory proposal for each of the following topics has also been printed in the Maryland Register. 

The department is seeking comments on the proposal. Comments provide the department with additional information and perspectives. You can click here to view the full text of the changes.  and to submit comments via email.

Please submit feedback by 11:59 p.m. September 30, 2019.