Hoyer, Palombi Talk Reviving Manufacturing
The COVID-19 crisis exposed some serious flaws in America’s supply chain. Many critical medical devices and medications are manufactured overseas.
5th District Congressman, Steny Hoyer, and his opponent, Chris Palombi, shared their view on the importance of manufacturing critical items at home.

Palombi said, “We need to make sure that American manufacturing jobs come roaring back to our country.” He believes education is key. “We need to make sure that Americans have the training that is needed when manufacturing jobs come back.”

He also believes that more manufacturing jobs will lead to a stronger middle-class. “With enhancing our middle class, that’s going to enhance safety; it’s going to enhance quality; it’s going to enhance the effectiveness of our products within our country. That’s going to help the American manufacturing businesses from intellectual property theft and proprietary manufacturing. It’s going to make sure that’s more secure with our country, too. But most importantly, what that’s going to do is prevent the magnitude of shortages that we have seen from this crisis.”

Carrot and Stick
Hoyer said returning manufacturing jobs, especially for critical supplies, is a priority for Vice President Joe Biden. “He wanted to have some sort of carrots and sticks. Carrots of tax incentives to be here. People are not going to make things in America if they can’t make a profit.  It’s pie in the sky to say, ‘Make it in America’ if somebody overseas is making it and selling it for 25% less. The manufacturer here is going to say, ‘I can’t compete with it.’ So, we have to make sure they can make a profit. We have to deal with taxes and regulations. And I say that in my ‘Make It In America’ agenda.”

Congressman Hoyer said pharmaceuticals and electronics are especially important. He also talked about the idea of a strategic warehouse to keep a stockpile of necessary goods. “The stockpile would be the buyer, and then sell at the same price.  It would be a zero-sum game. Nobody is making more or getting less.”
Palombi said it’s also important to make sure there’s a sufficient infrastructure in place to support the return of jobs and that includes greater vocational training.