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Picture: Richard Fritz[Left] and Jaymi Sterling[Right].

LEONARDTOWN, Md. – As Maryland’s Primary Election is set to take place on July 19, one of the hottest races to watch in Southern Maryland is setting up to be the St. Mary’s County State’s Attorney race.

Jaymi Sterling[R], a former Deputy State’s Attorney in St. Mary’s and the daughter of Governor Larry Hogan, is squaring-off against her old boss, Richard Fritz[R], in a race that will be decided in the Republican primary.

With pre-primary campaign finance reports due by midnight on June 14, political onlookers waited with bated breath to see where both candidates sat financially heading into the election.

Sterling cashed in a hefty haul of roughly $183,643, compared to Fritz’s total of $53,745.

Fritz reported $33,477 cash on hand, compared to Sterling’s $110,233 on-hand.

It can also be noted that Sterling initially loaned her campaign $30,000 when she filed to run.

The candidate’s filings tell two very different tales. Sterling’s 70-page report shows her receiving nearly 500 individual donations, contrasted to Fritz who received just over 200 individual donations.

Of those donations, Fritz reported receiving a total of 10 donations from outside St. Mary’s County. Of his donations, he appears to have received roughly $16,000 from individuals and companies with ties to the cannabis industry. He also received donations from several well-known figures in the Southern Maryland legal community.

Sterling reported bringing in approximately 195 donations from outside St. Mary’s County. Earlier in her campaign, Sterling pledged not to accept donations ”from criminal defense lawyers, criminal defense law firms, or their family members.”

She reported spending approximately $7,568 on campaign staff salaries and approximately $83,454 on media-related purchases. Fritz doesn’t show any salary-related expenditures but shows spending approximately $7,361 on media purchases.

Read both of the candidate’s financial reports below:

The League of Women Voters is hosting their first of three candidate forums this afternoon at the Lexington Park Library, with watch parties hosted at other libraries in the county. This evening’s forum features candidates for State’s Attorney, Sheriff, Clerk of the Circuit Court, and Judge of the Orphan’s Court.

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  1. I hope for our future this fund-raising works and our own St Mary’s County’s “Month Hall” finally retires instead of continuing his “let’s make a deal” catch and release program.

  2. It would be cool to have a State’s Attorney who wasn’t a convicted rapist and used his position of power to help keep information from the public.

  3. So true that Month Hall has caused our states Attorneys office to lose Respect and Confidence from most St. Mary’s County residents

  4. Fritz took money from questionable people but Sterling wouldn’t stoop so low. BS! 195 donors outside of the county. More than likely from Daddy’s Democrat buddies. Ol’ “wear the damned mask” Larry thinks he’s going to run for president and needs to install his daughter in a political position to further the cause is my guess. The last thing our county needs is another Hogan.

    1. Donations mean anything, not just money… Atleast 1/5 of her earnings didn’t come directly from the marijuana industry. Isn’t it funny that that industry is under fire right now for where they are trying to set up shop in.

  5. Sterling and Biden have something in common – being propped up by other people. We dont need this Crook!

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