Student At North Point High School Charged With Possession Of A Dangerous Weapon
Student At North Point High School Charged With Possession Of A Dangerous Weapon

WALDORF, Md. – On April 11 at 2:28 p.m., school resource officers were made aware of a student who was possibly in possession of a knife.

The officers made contact with the student, who was in a classroom, and recovered a pocket knife with a three-inch blade.

Upon further investigation, the officers located another knife in the student’s locker.

The student was charged on a Juvenile Offense Report with possession of a dangerous weapon on school property.

He was released to a parent.

Anyone with information about this case should contact Officers Brown or Tyner at 301-932-2222.

Tipsters who want to remain anonymous, but provide information about threats or criminal activity at schools may contact the confidential tip line at CCPS at 301-302-8305 or Charles County Crime Solvers at 1-866-411-TIPS.

The school resource officers are continuing their investigation.

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  1. This matter should be handled by the school officials, not Charles County Sheriff Department and States Attorneys Office! Enough already

    1. Several State Laws were ignored and broken..
      So yes, This should involve police and the States Attorneys office .

    2. Recall 15 y/o Ethan Crumbly . The kid who heard voices, and his parents bout him a gun and knew he had issues .. The kid shot killed others with that gun .
      1. The school failed to confront the issue in an appropriate manner
      2 The parents clearly failed on many levels ..Even attempted to hide from police in a warehouse .
      The above story involves knives not guns …
      However the Crumbly case highlights why the police and state attorney must be involved at the onset of a lawbreaking incident …
      Had law enforcement been involved in the Crumbly case at first indications of issues ,, the 15 y/o wouldn’t have killed and would have gotten mental help earlier … His parents and the school system are pathetic ..
      So again ! YES police and states attorney must be involved in this story about knives ,to protect others !

    3. No enough school shootings already. This should be handled by the sheriffs office there are too many students hurt or killed at school BC of some kid with a weapon. Charge him as a juvenile but let the police handle it. Hopefully scare them enough to smarten up.

  2. What happen to community service or other discipline actions that are in the hands of school officials? Why create a school to jail offense for something that could have and should have been handled by school officials. This is why Maryland is the HIGHEST in the nation on incarceration- start offense at high school, really? What are Delegates doing about Charles County over policing?

    1. I am totally for less incarceration, less charges blah blah blah but kids bringing weapons to school? That 100% should be handled by the police. There are entirely too many children injured/killed on school property bc of another student with weapons. Put the fear of God in that kid now before they do it again and hurt someone. Its a juvenile charge anyway so it still wont follow the kid forever.

  3. “He was released to a parent.” See the problem?
    North Point is supposed to be an exemplary school with a lot of honor students. It would be nice to know the age of the student, but I guess every school will eventually succumb to that Waldorf influence.

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