La Plata, MD— Charles County Public Schools hosted its annual Middle School Archery Tournament on Dec. 1 at Milton M. Somers Middle School. More than 100 students from all eight Charles County public middle schools participated in the event. Participants were divided by grade level into boy and girl teams.

Overall boy and girl winners were chosen at each grade level. They are:

·         Mia Clark, 144 points, sixth grade, Somers;
·         Connor Gormas, 125 points, sixth grade, John Hanson Middle School;
·         Sara Thatcher, 103 points, seventh grade, Somers;
·         Anthony Forrest, 151 points, seventh grade, Theodore G. Davis Middle School;
·         Kennedy Ford, 128 points, eighth grade, Davis; and
·         Zach Warren, 135 points, eighth grade, Somers.

Team winners were also chosen at each grade level. The following teams earned first, second or third place.

Sixth-grade girls:

·         Piccowaxen, first place, 226 points;
·         Hanson, second place, 217 points; and
·         Matthew Henson Middle School, third place, 197 points.

Sixth-grade boys:

·         Henson, first place, 226 points;
·         Davis, second place, 217 points; and
·         Piccowaxen, third place, 212 points.

Seventh-grade girls:

·         Somers, first place, 198 points;
·         Piccowaxen, second place, 190 points; and
·         Davis, third place, 173 points.

Seventh-grade boys:

·         Davis, first place, 263 points;
·         Piccowaxen, second place, 255 points; and
·         Somers, third place, 247 points.

Eighth-grade girls:

·         Davis, first place, 213 points;
·         General Smallwood Middle School, second place, 160 points; and
·         Hanson, third place, 143 points.

Eighth-grade boys:

·         Somers, first place, 236 points;
·         Piccowaxen, second place, 230 points; and
·         Davis, third place, 218 points.
Charles County Public Schools has hosted an archery tournament for middle school students for the past 45 years.