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MARYLAND — Scholaroo, a website that has a team of professionals working to help students pay for college through scholarships, recently ranked the school systems in America, and they ranked Maryland as having the eighth-best school system in 2021.

To create this unique list, Scholaroo compared the 50 states by three categories: student success, student safety, and school quality. They evaluated these dimensions using 42 metrics. They weighed each metric differently and graded each on a 100 point scale. 

Since each of these metrics is weighted differently, the three dimensions are valued differently. Student success was worth 50 points, whereas school quality was worth 30 points, and student safety was worth 20 points.

Maryland ranked 14th in student success and ninth in student quality. Meanwhile, student safety was Maryland’s lowest-ranked dimension at 16. Maryland finished with an overall score of 74.33.

Additionally, the report had experts answer questions on whose school system is functioning the best during the pandemic. The pandemic has completely changed how the school system functions and how students learn. Currently, Maryland has been one of the best states adjusting to these unique challenges.

“Even though Covid-19 started wreaking havoc early into 2020, the past year was the first full year we spent engulfed in a pandemic. Educational institutes faced closures, staff shortages, and new challenges regarding remote learning, among many other obstacles,” Scholaroo said in the report.

Although Maryland was ranked as one of the best school systems during the pandemic, things are subject to change because of many factors like mental fatigue, the appearance and response to COVID-19 variants, and the reopening of the states.

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