These headlines tell the story of families facing the crisis of a missing or exploited child. They also tell the story of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children® (NCMEC). Our mission is to help law enforcement find missing children, stop childMissing and exploitedchildren sexual exploitation and prevent future victimization.

What We Do


NCMEC never gives up hope in the search for missing kids. We’ve assisted in the recovery of hundreds of thousands of missing children. Our work to bring them home and help their families includes:

• Creating and distributing millions of missing child posters.

• Expanding the reach of AMBER Alerts through an extensive network of partners

• Using age progressions and sophisticated forensic technology to continue the search for missing children for months, years or even decades after they went missing.

• Supporting families in the long process of healing after their missing child has been recovered.


NCMEC responds to evolving threats against children, including the exploitation of children through sharing of child sexual abuse images, online enticement, sextortion and child sex trafficking. Our work to protect children from exploitation online includes:

 • Helping law enforcement track and apprehend non-compliant sex offenders.

• Analyzing millions of reports of suspected child sexual exploitation and providing that information to law enforcement to help them rescue children from abusive situations.

• Providing basic necessities to survivors of child sex trafficking to help them take their first steps toward recovery.


Education is key to preventing crimes against children before they happen and helping people be prepared when they do. Our work to provide education to law enforcement, families and children about these issues includes:

• Providing free resources to kids of all ages, their parents and educators to help empower kids to make smarter and safer decisions through our NetSmartz and KidSmartz programs.

•Providing free training from our staff, experts in the field and survivors to law enforcement and other professionals who investigate cases of missing and exploited children.


NCMEC’s role has always been to help protect our nation’s children. All of our resources are provided at no cost to families and law enforcement. Please, take a moment and make a gift to NCMEC today and help us continue to do more for the children who need us.

P.S. Please help us continue the good work that NCMEC is doing for children by donating to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children today.