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MARYLAND – There is more than one day dedicated to drinking beer throughout the year, including St. Patrick’s Day, National Beer Day and IPA Day. However, it’s no secret that sports events often see beer drinkers in their element.

Whether you’re turning up to a gathering or watching from the comfort of your own couch, the biggest football event of the year calls for copious amounts of beer, snacks and total indulgence when it comes to food and drink. In fact, when it comes to events focused on food and drink consumption in America, game day comes in second place behind Thanksgiving., a leading provider of addiction treatment resources, conducted a survey of 3,921 football fans to determine exactly how much beer they drink during The Big Game. This survey discovered that almost 1 in 5 (18%) football fans in Maryland drink their way through a six-pack of beer (at least) while watching the game

Broken down across the country, it appears the biggest game day boozers reside in Wisconsin, where over one-third (37%) of cheeseheads drink their way through a six-pack during The Big Game.

This can only be further emphasized by the time when Green Bay Packers fans led a Denver bar to close because they drank all their booze, and ate all their food! They even placed a sign outside explaining why they were closed prematurely:




By comparison, only 5% of those in Idaho drink a six-pack of beer on this day – this could likely be because there’s no state football team here partaking in the game.

A separate survey conducted last year by revealed that different sports fans have different ways of coping with their team’s successes and failures. Die hard fans will let their team’s loss affect them emotionally until the following game, whereas fair-weather fans will simply shrug off a loss, content that the team can redeem themselves next time around. And when it comes to drinking after the game, the amount consumed depends on which team you follow.

More specifically, the survey  uncovered whether different football fans use alcohol as a coping mechanism when their team loses, or as a celebratory tradition to revel in their team’s win. Some fans, like those who support the Broncos, tend to drown their sorrows and drink more when their team loses.

On the other hand, fans of teams such as the Chargers, Rams and 49ers drink in equal amounts whether their team wins or loses. Fans of teams such as the Seattle Seahawks tend to drink least when their team loses, perhaps preferring to go home early instead.

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  1. 1 in 5 =2 in 10 =20 in 100. Now I’m no mathmatician, but I believe 20 in 100 (1 in 5) is 20%…not 18%.

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