The 2023-2024 School Year is Approaching: Thoughts From Rising Students And Prospects For The Next School Year
Credit: Patuxent High School on Facebook

SOMD – With the 2022-2023 school year concluding very soon, many different plans for next year are quickly being realized by students. Whether the students are rising sophomores, juniors, seniors, or if they’re graduating and moving onto bigger things, students have a lot to look forward to.

For those who are heading off to college, all that’s left in the process is just waiting to pack and leave for the campus. Rising students have also been creating their plans for what to do next year, whether it be getting extracurricular activities like performing arts or the overall experiences still able to be had in high school.

There’s a lot of exciting things coming in the ’23-’24 year for all kinds of students.

Freshman Lexi Farley said, “[I’m anticipating] being able to get better and work harder at the things I like.”

Lexi has been named as a co-set designer for Patuxent’s theatre shows in the upcoming years. It’s very exciting to see what they’re able to do with that position.

Junior Caroline Stewart, who is also heavily involved in Patuxent’s theatre program as the Head Stage Manager, said, “I’m most excited for all the experiences of it being my senior year! I also can’t wait to participate in all the theatre productions and even the theatre classes for the first time.”

Along with the current high school students, I got the perspectives of some graduating students as they’re moving onto the real world. When asked what they’re looking forward to, senior Savannah Pennifill said, “I’m looking forward to having freedom and being able to learn things on my own, without my parents’ supervision,” which I’m sure many people can relate to as they go off into bigger and better things.

To go along with this, senior Ariana Heard said she’s eager for “the freedom, that’s a very big thing since I’ll be an adult on my own. I’m going to CSM (College of Southern Maryland) and studying to be a teacher, which I’m very excited for.”

A very common option for students like Ariana is to go to College of Southern Maryland (CSM) post-high school. It provides an affordable and local option for expanding one’s education into their pathways. As a graduating senior myself, I also plan to attend CSM in the fall with a music major, which will be a perfect fit for me, I’m very excited to see what I’m able to do with my education.

The prospects of the upcoming year are massive for both graduates, rising seniors, juniors, and sophomores. The future of many students at and from Patuxent looks very bright and I know I’m eager to see what the 2023-2024 school year holds.

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