Neil Armstrong by Gavin C, Henry Louis Gates Jr. by Madison B, Malala Yousafzai by Riley P, Marie Curie by Katelyn B, Albert Einstein by London O.

OWINGS, Md. – The following is an article written by fifth grader Riley Patterson from Mt. Harmony Elementary School explaining how she and her class worked on their Bottle Buddy projects.

The Bottle Buddy Assignment is an activity that was supposed to be assigned to the 4th grade students last year, as a chance to create a person the student thinks made great historical and accomplishing contributions to the world. Unfortunately, due to Covid 19, we could not do this assignment.

Now as 5th graders, we had an opportunity to make these bottle buddies thanks to Gavin Chase. Our teacher was able to fit this task into our school curriculum on the request from Gavin. Gavin said his older brothers had made bottle buddies when they were in 5th grade, and he wanted to make one too. 

The 26 students in our class were allowed to choose anyone in the world who made good contributions and accomplishments to society or people they look up to. These choices featured activists, scientists, engineers, doctors, writers, discoverers, presidents, first ladies, athletes, and founders.

The extraordinary people we all chose were/are great people and the awesome students in our class made remarkable bottle buddies to represent them. Thanks to our teacher Mrs. Welcher-Brown and our classmate Gavin Chase the bottle buddy assignment officially became a possibility.

For this assignment we created a figure using a 2–3-liter bottle for the body and a Styrofoam ball for the head. We also created a PowerPoint slide to give background information to use when presenting.

We were supposed to give an oral presentation that we would read from note cards, which had to be at least 2 minutes long. We were given 3 weeks to complete this and then present our bottle buddies to the class. 

We were also able to write this article for you to enjoy thanks to the work of Mrs. Welcher-Brown and Ms. Wallace, who really liked our bottle buddies and decided to make all of us “local celebrities”.

We are all very thankful for Ms. Wallace and greatly appreciate that she gave us the great opportunity to tell others about our bottle buddies. We are also all very thankful for Mrs. Welcher-Brown, who also made our small “fame” possible. 

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