The Calvert County School Board Stands With LGBTQ Youth With Latest Resolution

PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. – To kick off pride month, the Calvert County school board chose to stand in solidarity with LGBTQ students with a resolution that “affirms, supports and values the gender identities and gender expressions and will continue to further efforts in our schools to create a welcoming, safe and inclusive learning environment.”

Every member of the board voted in favor of this resolution, except for Pat Nutter who made the decision to abstain. Nutter’s reasoning for choosing to do so was due to the fact that the resolution supported the right of a transgender student to participate in the athletic division of their chosen gender.

One person there to protest the resolution quoted Gubernatorial Candidate Del. Dan Cox. He states that, “It is totally false that the Civil Rights Act passed to protect African Americans and racial minorities is in any way mandating this gender propaganda — it is the exact opposite. Girls are protected as having a right to their own sports under Title IX of the 1972 Education Act, the exact thing this ‘resolution’ is violating.”

Cox has a history of making inflammatory and hateful remarks about the LGBT community. He once claimed Frederick County School Board President Brad Young had “approved a pedophile-grooming curriculum” and “chosen a path of confusion — misleading children for potential chemical castration and sexualized grooming…” for trying to pass a similar resolution/mandate.

The Frederick County School Board would rebuke him and others there to make problems, saying that they, “will not tolerate abusive or threatening language or action.”

A supporter of the resolution, Amanda McGrath, stated that she believes students have the right to feel safe in school and that is why this resolution is needed. According to the 1987 School System’s Equal Rights Opportunities Policy, ““Students have the right to be free from discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, pregnancy, national origin, disability, religion…”

Guidelines from the MPSSA, which Charles and Calvert County follow, also state, “Once the student has been granted eligibility to participate in the sport consistent with his/her gender identity, the eligibility is granted for the duration of the student’s participation and does not need to be renewed every sports season or school year.”

Requests from transgender students to play on a sports team of their chosen gender have yet to be made.

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      1. Dan Wilson’s Mom. He’s not your kid. Sorry to let you know in this forum, but I couldn’t keep it in any longer.

    1. I couldn’t agree more! Cox is 100% correct about Title 9 as well, and referring to his stance on the issue as ” hateful” and “inflammatory” is only an attempt to silence him and others who dare oppose the alphabet people.

    2. Dan, I agree 100%. These people fall into 2 categories. They have been deceived by the father of lies, and they are cowards who are fearful of going against the liberal narrative.

      1. I’m sorry I taught you to use the Bible as an instrument of hate, rather than inspiration to be a better person.

  1. THIS is exactly what we should be focusing on. THIS must be a priority. THIS is joe’s world.

  2. “Cox has a history of making inflammatory and hateful remarks about the LGBTQ community”- so his support of out daughters and Title IX is “hateful”? That doesn’t sound like ethical journalism to me. That is an opinion. Who elected these people?

  3. “ Requests from transgender students to plan on a sports team of their gender have yet to be made”- so no one asked for it, and yet you do it anyway. No one cares about this. This is not a priority in this county. It’s virtue signaling.

    1. Agree. You are ignoring the main fact makes shouldn’t be competing with females in sports. Whether you identify as a door knob really doesn’t matter. So so disappointed in the school board. So talk about this but y still have bullying all over your schools and buses. You are all talk.

  4. How about just voting you (Dan Wilson or is it Karen Wilson) off the planet. What impact do these individuals choices have on you? None! Grow up and stop hating!

  5. Boys are more stronger than girls so just remember if a kid gets hurt there will be parents ready to sue because a guy being a girl on a girls sports hurt or hit them in sports it will be your fault give the transgender there own sport

    1. yep. it’s true. boys will always be stronger during those school years. sure later in life some females can be stronger than males with discipline.

  6. “Dan Cox has a history of making inflammatory and hateful remarks about the LGBTQ community.”
    Guess what? So does God! They are bringing his judgment and punishments down on all who promote and encourage these things…
    “Students have the right to be free from discrimination…”
    That’s correct, BUT they do not get special rights above & beyond what everyone else gets because of their choice of lifestyle.

    1. The MOST sensible thing you’ve ever posted… Haha!! I can’t believe I’m agreeing with you…

  7. All of these hateful posts.

    Gay and Lesbian kids should be protected and supported. Good for the school board!

    The only part I don’t agree with is transgender (originally) boys being allowed to compete with biological girls.

  8. I just think this is ridiculous. people are people and we do not need this on schools. just go about your business. straight people are not going around saying they are straight. do we care if you are the colors of the rainbow? keep it to yourself. I keep that I am straight to myself so why do you feel obligated to say you are a letter of the alphabet?

  9. Resolution not needed. The constitution covers the children’s rights already. It also covers the rights of the parents of those children, although this school board continues to violate parental rights. Vote all these idiot WOKE members out.

  10. Loudon County school board step aside, Calvert County school board coming through!!!

    1. Didn’t all the older folks fantasize about this?? Porky’s? Revenge of the Nerds??
      CCWAM works with teens and still does this

      1. The problem is this will be the acceptable normal, not in my household it won’t be

    2. Starting next school year they will. Maryland policy says you can identify and participate whichever way you want (locker rooms/bathrooms/overnight events) and the parents have no right to know.

  11. The way the repugnacans heads are exploding on this positive stance for marginalized kids in our community is making my day. Grateful for how far we have come from the days of Stonewall. Being physically active as part of a team is important for everyone especially those scociety is casting aside (as seen in y’all’s comments), it helps with the mental.

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