HOLLYWOOD, Md. — As the Thanksgiving break ended, the Hollywood Fire Department and Auxiliary hosted their annual Christmas Tree Lighting event on November 27. 

The event had a great turnout from the community, with 150 people attending, said Bill Mattingly, president of the Hollywood Fire Department.

For those who do not know, the Christmas Tree Lighting event has been an annual event for many years, Mattingly said. Before the pandemic, the event had people inside to see the tree lighting, Mattingly said. 

When the pandemic struck, the event became an outside event, Mattingly said.

Now, each year the fire department parades down the street with Santa riding their fire truck while community members wait at the tree. 

Santa gets delivered in front of the Christmas Tree and lights it. For the community, this event brings in the Christmas spirit and builds a level of camaraderie.

“This is another way we give back to the community,” Mattingly said. “This brings everyone together, and everyone is in good spirits. It’s something about a shiny red fire truck with all the lights and Santa that just kicks off the holiday.” 

As the holiday season continues, the Christmas Tree in Hollywood will continue to shine bright until they finally take it down on January 7.

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